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Notes and Tips for Transmission Solenoid / Pressure sensorReplacement P0700 P0846

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Old 22 Nov 2014, 10:48 pm
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Default Notes and Tips for Transmission Solenoid / Pressure sensor Replacement P0700 P0846

Hello all,

Payback time. I wanted to return all of the help I received in the past by posting what I discovered when the OBD reported 0700 error code on my 2004 Turbo with 90K miles. AS you may know, 0700 is a general transmission error. I stopped in at Advance Auto and they pulled the deeper code of P0846: a fault in the transmission pressure switch assembly.

The car was still running and shifting fine, but I wanted to get to the bottom of it quickly. The pressure switch is part of the solenoid module, which I purchased from Rock Auto for $102.00. I also decided to do the trans filter while I was at it. We bought the car used at 80K, an I would have bet serious money the filter was never changed.

All of the information I could find on the job made it look fairly simple, which it is, BUT everything I found was not for the turbo. With all of the extra stuff under the hood, the module is hard to get to. At first look my spirits fell as it seemed the grill, radiator, and intercooler would need to come out due to the proximity of the module, which was tight to the intercooler.

But saints be praised, it can be done from the top side. After removing the air box, battery, and battery tray, it became clear the module could be removed if the battery support bracket came out. The 4 bolts are tricky to get to, the 2 on the rear side require the shifter be in low gear position to get the arm on the tranny out of the way. The 2 on the front side are best removed from underneath with the tire removed.

The duct hose from the intercooler to the throttle body is next to remove. The 2 coolant hoses come off the tranny, and finally the temperature sensor must come out. This requires a 26mm socket, so have one on hand. There is a deep, narrow space between the module and the tranny case that will be full of muck. The module mounts to a horizontal machined surface with many ports. You do not want the muck to get down any of the ports, so cleaning the narrow space before removing the old module is important. I used carb cleaner spray to blast it out along with a flux brush slipped over the end of a long 1/4" socket extension. The upside is you find all of the little nuts, bolts, washers, and clips that you dropped during past repairs that seemed to have vanished.

I found two possibilities for the errors other than a bad module:
1) The tranny filter was the original, it may have restricted the flow enough to cause a pressure error.
2) The electrical connection is not gasketed (surprise!) The socket contained dirt and oil, which could have cause a poor connection, triggering the error.

If you are on a tight budget and are willing to take it all apart a second time should it not fix the problem, you could try these two things first before investing in the new module.

During reassembly you should fill all of the connectors you removed with silicone dielectric grease prior to reconnecting. Grease the inside of the rubber hose that fits on the intercooler, otherwise you will fight it mightily.

I hope this is helpful to whomever reads it.

Last edited by genther; 22 Nov 2014 at 10:54 pm.
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Old 22 Nov 2014, 11:39 pm
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Default Re: Notes and Tips for Transmission Solenoid / Pressure sensorReplacement P0700 P0846

Thanks for the instructions! These seem to be a common problem on the PT….most of them start leaking and replacement is difficult. It looks as though you have succeeded…thats great!! I have two PT's and I have had to replace the transmission solenoid on both of mine! One at 40,000 miles and the other at 110,000 miles. So both cars are 2001. Both cars transmissions were serviced and checked out perfect except the solenoid issue. One car has hardly been driven so I would guess the gaskets or seals get tired regardless of the milage.
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Old 23 Nov 2014, 01:00 am
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Default Re: Notes and Tips for Transmission Solenoid / Pressure sensorReplacement P0700 P0846

Did Advance Auto charge you to pull the transmission code?
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Old 23 Nov 2014, 10:34 am
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Default Re: Notes and Tips for Transmission Solenoid / Pressure sensorReplacement P0700 P0846

Advance Auto will pull codes at no charge from the ECU. I believe prior to 2004 the tranny has its own TCU, which needs a additional code reader. Advance cannot pull codes from these.

Last edited by genther; 23 Nov 2014 at 10:38 am.
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Old 23 Nov 2014, 06:27 pm
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Thumbs up Re: Notes and Tips for Transmission Solenoid / Pressure sensorReplacement P0700 P0846

Thanks for posting the issue/fix, genther!

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