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Would I be crazy....

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Old 11 May 2004, 01:29 pm
Cool Cruiser
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Default Would I be crazy.... consider trading my PT GT in for an SRT-4?

My uncle is a dealer, and told me that he's got one for me if I want it, and cost-wise wouldn't be that different from what I'm paying now for my PT.

The main thing is that I'd really like to get a 5-speed again, as i miss it so. I do love my PT, don't get me wrong, but every time I see one of those SRT-4's, I can totally picture myself in one of those.

What do y'all think? I know we've had some converts in the past, and wanted to see what feedback I could get.


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Old 11 May 2004, 01:50 pm
Fanatic Cruiser
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Brian, You gotta do what your heart tells you. I have thought about it, and took a test drive in one. It was OK definitely different but I'm partial to the amennities of the cruiser. I can understand it just be sure to test drive one before making the decision, and follow your heart, It is a very personal choice....
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Old 11 May 2004, 02:08 pm
Cool Cruiser
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Location: W. Covina, CA, USA.
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you wouldn't be crazy at all, I've considered doing the same but I like the versatility the PT has to offer so I couldn't get rid of it

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Old 11 May 2004, 02:19 pm
quicksilverdon's Avatar
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I have owned both, A PT and Neons (neither turbo), and a Neon will lose a PT quite quickly on windy back roads. If you want handling and performance above comfort and style, go with the Neon. I will say that I've gotten fewer tickets with the PT.[|)]
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Old 11 May 2004, 03:20 pm
Cool Cruiser
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Location: Manchaca, TX, USA.
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I currently own both, a hot '98 Neon R/T and the GT Cruiser. You gotta do what you gotta do. I wouldn't trade either one. But the Cruiser is a lot more usable, and a lot more comfortable. And as stated above, my R/T will run and hide from the Cruiser on the twisties, but just cruisin' -- can't beat the Cruiser.

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Old 11 May 2004, 04:46 pm
Fresh Cruiser
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Brian. Ask uncle for the same deal on a Viper! Your 28 and single. You don't need a PT or an R/T. Tell him you wannt RED![8)]
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Old 11 May 2004, 05:44 pm
Regular Cruiser
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Location: New Lenox, IL.
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Make sure it's a 2004. They added the limited slip to that one. You definitely want that in the SRT-4.
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Old 11 May 2004, 06:11 pm
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I would have gotten a srt-4 if I fit in it... 6'6" 230 so thatÂ’s why the PT is great I fit so well in it...the whole knee hitting the shifter in second with the srt-4 was a bummer... [}]
Black 2003 PT GT 2.4 H.O. DOHC Auto Stick...Air Force One intake...Mopar BOV...Mopar Dual cat back...Proud member of the Stage 1 Cult!
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Old 09 Sep 2006, 11:10 am
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well truthfully with gas prices i would keep the pt also for the fact that i get more pleasure smoking mustang gts with a pt then a neon cause everyone expects them to be fast. people for some reason think its awful to get beaten by a pt with steel wheels and nothing fancy looking about it unless you look at my dash and see all the gauges there really isnt anything that would show my car is fast and that keeps the police off my back as well. im running both turbos at 12pounds of boost so i dont smoke my tranny which i did once already. automatic by the way. im in the 12z and im happy with that i just like smoking the mustangs thats why i did that to my car dont believe in nos and most civics who use nos i have beaten a few cause when the second turbo kicks in its horsepower time and when there nos bottle is empty my turbos are still working for me all day everyday. well good luck in your decision at least your sticking with mopar.
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Old 09 Sep 2006, 12:38 pm
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neon is nice pt is more user friendly
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