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Dealership what would you do sticking throttle

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Old 10 Jun 2004, 07:39 am
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Default Dealership what would you do sticking throttle

Let me state here that I am not here to bash in anyway. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and to warn anyone of what is happening.

Here's the deal, my mom has a 2001 or 02
pt cruiser turbo maybe 15k on it. Yesterday the throttle stuck doing 70 on the freeway, her not know what to do turns key off goes into medium and spins out a couple times. Not the 1st time car has done this. Guy stops spray wd40 on linkage follows her to work. She takes it to dealership, she explains what happens they give the car back charging 80 bucks saying they cleaned throttle body "yea right *******'s, 80 bucks for carb cleaner and a rag" she pays and leaves, car starts this racing idle, she calls back asking if they test drove it when they were done, they say........yes we did. She sais its coming back. Mechanic left something off.

I didnt know what happened till after the fact. Saturday i am going to dealership with her and getting her money back and telling general store manager and the shop managers name for the lawsuit when this car has the throttle stick again. She was lucky she wasnt hurt but what is gonna happen next time it does this. I am also going to call daimler chrysler with a complaint as well.

What would you do.


Chad or
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Old 10 Jun 2004, 09:16 am
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She probably has a 2003 if she has a turbo. My guess is that there is probably and intermitten vacuum leak that is taking the place of the throttle for taking in air. Could be a split hose that acts up when it gets hot or something like that. Or an IAC motor gone funny. I dunno if you could take them to court. The only real ting you can take a dealership to court for is brakes. You could have them relook at it. It is probably a warranty issue then. Freebie, but I would still get your money back.

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Old 10 Jun 2004, 09:25 am
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Turning the ignition off kills power to the brakes and steering.
She should have shifted into neutral and she would still have control of the vehicle.

That is described in the owners manual in the glovebox.

The engine may race in neutral, but the rev limiter will keep it from detonating.
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Old 10 Jun 2004, 10:06 am
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Not argueing MX-5, just want to understand. Granted, the manual tells you what to do but it tells you alot and most people (myself
included) can't remember all these things. Putting that to the side,
why does this happen and if the factory knows it happens and can cause
serious consequences why can't they do something about it?

I have to add this P.S. This is something that I'll now remember and I just called my wife at work and told her this story and what to do. Thanks for the info. Never had this happen in 30 years but there is always a first time and now I will know what to do!
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Old 10 Jun 2004, 10:45 am
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Thanks for the replys guys!

I have talked with Chrysler and basically they stated to take it back to the dealer, or go to another one for a 2nd opinion on the matter which i will have her do. Its got to be something major because she said she pulled on the highway and was getting to about 60 when the car started to take off, she applied the breaks and it wasnt stopping the car as it went to 70 so she thought to turn the ignition off.
I did tell her in the future to hit nuetral to stay in control.

The thing that gets me is cleaning the throttle body isnt going to fix this problem, something is making that car accelerat harder such as computer, tps or something. I do have a good question, do these cars have any kind of blow off valve for the turbo and if it stuck could it cause this? I know you can be at 20% throttle and still have full boost if it is under load.
I am into the mustangs w/ turbos and other fords "dont flame me too bad" so i have a 1/2 ass understanding of this stuff.

Again thanks!
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