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bemo 15 Apr 2003 01:47 pm

The Waiting is the Hardest Part...
Tom Petty was right! This 3 minute idle to cool the turbo and prevent "coking" is really getting to be a drag. Aside from the times I'm really getting into the throttle, I guess I'm never quite sure when it's necessary. I know what the owner's manual insert says, but there's a lot of room for interpretation there. If I just play it safe and idle every time I think I may have driven it kind of hard, I'm going to be idling my life away. At least I've got Tom Petty in the CD player for the waiting :)

And how would someone know if they've gotten all coked up? (aside from the runny nose and sense of euphoria)

nbr10 15 Apr 2003 02:10 pm

I guess I got lucky. The compustar alarm that I had installed has a turbo timer built in. I just take the keys out of the ignition and arm the system and the engine shuts off after 3 minutes.

I have yet to use it as my daily commute is all packed surface streets. Pretty hard to get on the throttle when you are stuck in traffic....<img src=icon_smile_dead.gif border=0 align=middle>

2003 Silver GT
PT Cruiser 3rd Brk cling, APC GEN2 Eurotails. The new "famous" ghetto intake...

Cal Cruzer 15 Apr 2003 03:16 pm

Really, honestly, if you run synth you will not have a problem. I know I have told this story a million times, but I ran my volvo turbo (which didn't even have liquid cooled bearings like the PT's Mitsubishi turbo) for over 200,000 miles on synth without a problem. This was after I killed the 1st turbo in the car after about 40k miles on dino oil. I also ran a Saab turbo over 150K miles on synth after I put it in on the 1st oil change.

Inferno Red GT, chrome wheels, chrome AMP fuel door, chrome side spears, PT Cruiser 3rd light diffuser, silencers removed from airbox...ain't this car fun?!?!?

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