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Old 06 Mar 2005, 11:31 am
Cool Cruiser
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Very interesting. good to know. What goona suck for me is when I install my PTeazer parts, I will now be considered a marked car by the dealership.
But then, I believe I was the only modified PT in my area going to that dealership when I had my modified 01LE. But they loved that car & did not give me trouble when I brought it in for service.

But then how can you not like a Silver PT w/ purple flames [:I]
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Old 06 Mar 2005, 02:48 pm
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I have to say that i have not had any problems with dc where i bought my pt turbo from. Since i purchased my pt i have done many mods and they love it, They installed my satge one and even gave me pointers when i installed my wet nitrous kit. I guess it depends on how much they want you as a customer, seems my dealer has no problems with the engine mods and has even asked me to park it at the dealer ship to show people the mods you can do woth a pt.
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Old 06 Mar 2005, 03:05 pm
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There are those types in the SRT4 crowd that think they can buy a car for $20,000 and go out and beat Vipers. Us Cruiser Turbo people though we may have some of the same types, are a much smaller group and not as big a worry to Chrysler. Our service people may not be getting the same "education" as the Dodge people. We are looked at as being a bit more conservative so the few of us who will power-mod should be able to fly under the radar.

Every dealer or service person has their own personality and mind set. Many don't really care if DCX pays the bill instead of you. These forums are full of owner reports of different treatment with different dealers.

I agree that DCX should try to protect itself from the goons who will blow their engines by doing something stupid. That's just good business practice. But us PT Turbo people have a lower profile that we can benefit from if we are smart. Read that bulletin to the Dodge service workers again and note what red flags to avoid. Print it out and keep it in your file. If you look like a Cruiser, you'll be treated like a Cruiser. If you look like a racer...........
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Old 07 Mar 2005, 10:34 am
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First I think a lot of this depends on the people you interface with at the dealer.

2nd, Stage kits are not sold by Mopar, they are Mopar Performance, 2 different entities. I doubt they will have an issue with a stg 1. Before I bought my PT, I talked to the service manager and asked him and he did not have a problem with it. He did say the new PCM and injectors with the stg 1 kit(03) would not be warrantied but the rest of the engine and drivetrain would be . He likend it to a plow set up they install on trucks, the plow wont be warrantied(by Mopar) but the truck will be.

Since PT's are limited to Stg1 , I dont think you will have many problems.

THey must be getting a lot of warranty issues on SRT4's because of poeple modding their cars with all these tricks.

Also think of the poor techs who have to troubleshoot problems and dont get compensated for the time they spend diagnosing something after jr removes his MBC which he didnt set up right and overboosted his engine and roasted a piston.

Of course the document looks like a how to


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Old 07 Mar 2005, 12:20 pm
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LOL, I agree with most of what you say, but Mopar performance is still part of Mopar. You're right, I don't think they will be to worried about Stage 1, but that also depends on the dealership. My dealership refused to put aftermarket rotors and pads on my last Cruiser. I told them that I knew they couldn't warranty the parts since I got them elsewhere just the labor. Again the counter guy told me one way no how. As for overboosting and causing damage, Stage 3 for the SRT-4's ups the boost, spiking as high as 26psi! And this is made and sold by Mopar. Mopar should not sell parts for it's cars if they will void the warranties of the cars they sell.

Hey 2step! Funny you should mention Vipers! I saw a video clip of SRTGURL beating a stock Viper in the 1/4 mile! But then again, the parts in her car are definately warranty voiding! 2Step is right, SRT-4 guys want to beat everything they can. PT turbo guys just want more power and to eat some rice here and there. Agree with you, if you look like a Cruiser, you'll be treated like a Cruiser ... except maybe me![]
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