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Tools for interior mods

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Old 08 Sep 2003, 03:23 am
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Default Tools for interior mods

Last year, shortly after purchasing, I brought my PT in to a local electronics store to get a security alarm put in. As I was filling out some paper work in the store's garage, I noticed what looked like a key chain with long thin flat metal bars attached to a ring. I asked the guy at the counter what it was and he said that they were pry bars used to aid in the installation of stereo components like speakers and such that were behind interior panels that needed to be removed in order to get to them.

Does anyone know where I can find a set of these pry bars, besides swiping them from Circuit City's or Best Buy's car audio counter? I plan to do some minor cosmetic modification to the dash and other interior panels.[}] The set of bars I saw on the counter top was huge, some bent at different angles, others with notches cut into them. Can these bars be rented, or is there something already in my tool box that I can use to substitute these bars that work just as well and won't marr the finish of the interior panels?
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Old 08 Sep 2003, 01:17 pm
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"pry bars to aid in the installation of stereo components"? Sounds like your describing the "pry bars" used to open locked doors when the owner locks himself out. If it is, in many states it's illegal to be caught driving around with them unless your in the business of helping stranded motorists. Maybe the Circuit City guy was teasing you and they really are pry bars for opening locked doors either for their customers or their employees if they accidental lock the car when their working on them. Another thing, I was told those "pry bars" don't work on a PT because of the added steel bars on the inside of the doors for added protection...can't say for sure. Back to your point. I have seen a set of those bars in a mechanics brochure while I was waiting for work to be done to the wife's car. Those brochures are only sent to garages, so if you have a friendly garage mechanic, and those "pry bars" are the ones your looking for, he might order you a set.
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Old 08 Sep 2003, 05:16 pm
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Most likely what he had on his keychain were the bars you use to unseat head units from the mounting sleeve the install into in your dash. I suppose they could be used as mini-pry-bars to pop up panels and such. They are supplied with new cd/radio head units that are designed to mount with the metal sleeves. I'm sure you could get them without buying a new unit but damned if I could tell ya where. May try the install bays at CC or BBY and see if they'd sell ya a set or just give ya one.
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Old 08 Sep 2003, 10:55 pm
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could be, radio removal tools for different type cars.
could be, trim panel removal tools.

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Old 08 Sep 2003, 11:18 pm
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What ever it was, You don't need them. The dash can be disasembled entirely with your hands, one small Flat-head screwdriver and a #1 Philips screwdriver. If you need to remove the door pannels, you will also need a torx driver in adition to a Philps driver.
The "A", "B" and rear pillars are held by clips that with just enough pull, they come out.
The radio is held with four philips screws and the trim pulls out once you have removed the only screw holding it and the AC knobs.

Pep Boys and Western Auto sells a pannel remover. I have seen them in the "HELP" (the red packaging with all the plastic interior parts for old american cars) items isle.
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