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Help me choose a convertible

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Old 06 Nov 2011, 06:59 pm
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Default Help me choose a convertible

Howdy! I'm in the market for a PT Cruiser convertible. It's the perfect car for what I need-- a convertible with enough cargo capacity to carry fairly large photographic prints. Plus, I like the looks.

I currently have two candidate cars as frontrunner:

(A) 05 Touring in purple. 22K original miles (!), turbo, in great shape. $11K
(b) 05 GT in silver. 60K miles, fairly decked out with options, good condition. $9K

I absolutely lovely the looks of the purple car, and I'm really not wild about silver in any way... it's just not me. I have purple hair, so the purple car has a very strong emotional appeal. My reaction to he silver is, "Eh, I guess I could drive that."

Ignoring the colors, though... is it worth $2K more for a car with far fewer miles, but also far fewer options? I drove it last night, and it felt functionally OK though not terribly peppy. I haven't driven the GT yet-- does it feel significantly faster?

Any particular words of advice?
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Old 06 Nov 2011, 07:08 pm
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Default Re: Help me choose a convertible

Just something to think about. To get the most out of the silver GT it needs premium fuel, the purple is most likely a Turbo Lite and take regular fuel.

Both sound like nice cars but they should be checked out throughly. The GT is faster and should be well equipped but has 3X the amount of mileage as the other one. The purple one, if tuned properly, will keep up with 99% of any traffic on the road.

Last edited by CREWZIN; 06 Nov 2011 at 07:10 pm.
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Old 06 Nov 2011, 07:37 pm
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Exclamation Re: Help me choose a convertible

You would get more room out of a non Convertible version.

There are alot of good finds out there, I got my 06 Black GT 5 speed with 17k in July, drove from Texas to Iowa to get it.

Take your time, there is a huge number to choose from.

Good Luck
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Old 06 Nov 2011, 10:08 pm
cruserdad1976's Avatar
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Default Re: Help me choose a convertible

to me fewer miles is always the way to go at 60xxx you are only 30-40,000 away from a $1000 timing belt expense
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Old 06 Nov 2011, 11:32 pm
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Default Re: Help me choose a convertible

I had a similar choice when I bought my '06, except it only had a couple hundred miles on it from being driven by the lot owner's wife. Really didn't want silver, but after buying it, it grew on me and now I'm a silver freak. Well, a chromenut and silver

I liked both models, but the GT I test drove had the manual 5-speed and when I found out it was a Getrag I decided it was the one for me. The other one had a turbo lite, just didn't feel any peppier than a well tuned NA. So I went silver GT. Now I'm really glad I did!!!

Now I know you're looking at an '05, but other than the front it's not that far off of an '06

Now I'm not bad mouthing the NA's nor the Turbo-lites, they are all nice vehicles when well taken care of, just me, I prefer the pull that I feel getting around corners in places like the Tail of the Dragon

Now here is why I bought my car - a friend had an '05 and I fell in love with it. The silver wasn't my favorite color, but his sure looked nice. I was actually looking for this '05 when I bought mine, I prefer the older style front end. Just couldn't find a GT in silver with black top with the Getrag G288 5-speed. So, bought the owner's car instead....

Either way, good luck to you and post pics when you get it!

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Old 07 Nov 2011, 12:29 pm
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Default Re: Help me choose a convertible

Personally I would go with the purple primarily because of the lower mileage. Yes the GT is going to be peppier but you like the purple color better, it has fewer miles and it will still perform much better than a non-turbo PT.
2006 PT Cruiser GT Convertible - Airbox Mod...more to come

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Old 07 Nov 2011, 08:40 pm
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Red face Re: Help me choose a convertible

I have had both GT and Base models.
My base model with an aftermarket air intake system, and 5-speed tranny was all I could expect of the 4 cylinder....peppy enough!
But, the GT was definately more powerful - a beast!

**But, eventually buying the higher price premuim gas for 2 years pushed me back to a non-turbo.
Are the PTs you are lookin at both auto trannies?

***May I ask...carrying photos or large prints???
Why not a hatch back?
The small, low rear hatch space in the vert was the second important reason that I traded the GT vert!

2003 PT Cruiser GT Panel Van Conversion as new day driver.

Have now owned 6 PT Cruisers = Me PT Crazy!
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Old 07 Nov 2011, 09:07 pm
Obsessed Cruiser
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Default Re: Help me choose a convertible

But OMG the vert is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I don't normally let anyone even put their hands on my car, but at this Yacht Club/Marina show I figured, what the heck!

Now there were five other PT's there, and mine was the only one that attracted girls..yeah, girls and they let me take all kinds of nasty photos of them!


Oh, and the stop sign is because I was being a huge perv...lmao....
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Old 07 Nov 2011, 10:42 pm
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Default Re: Help me choose a convertible

Both sound great. I've owned a 2001 original which was painfully slow. I sold it when it reached 112k.

I am an original owner of a 2005 Turbo Lite Convertible and I'm happy with it's performance. It can easily break 100mph and is a fun highway cruiser. It now has 105k and with my new job I'm going to be racking up 25k miles per year. Premium gas is 20-30 cents more per gallon. It really depends on your driving habits.

The prices you're being quoted are dealer MSRP. Mine was $20k when new after $4k rebate. Look at or to help negotiate a better price. Enjoy your new toy.

Original Owner 135k
2005 Turbo Touring Convertible Auto w/ Stage 1, DSP inTune w/ Diablo Tune, Composite Intake, Air Box Modification, Hard Pipes, K&N, KYB's, Vision Motorworks Wires, Continental Extreme Contact DWS, Rear Sway Bar, Strut Tower Bar, UltraGauge.
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Old 08 Nov 2011, 09:31 am
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Default Re: Help me choose a convertible

Thank you all!

Why a convertible rather than a hatchback? Two reasons. One is that I'm a convertible girl-- my current four-wheeler is a 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. (I also have two-wheelers, but that's another story.) I live in the San Francisco bay area, and I love driving around with the top down. The second reason is that I live in the San Francisco bay area, and spend much of the time in San Francisco. That means that it's mandatory for me to have a more-or-less locking, hidden trunk space to stash stuff in.

Sadly, both of the ones that I'm looking at are automatic transmission. If either was a manual, that would be a huge point in its favor.

I think I've decided to go with the purple, low-mileage Touring rather than the GT. The mileage was a huge swing for me. Plus, it's purple! Since I have fuchsia and purple hair, that's just too good.

Now, the problem that I have to solve (for either car) is this: I want to be able to use an MP3 player in it. I suppose I have to replace the radio?
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