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imsherona2 08 Oct 2008 05:50 pm

10th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show
Okay my PT Friends from near and are some of the details for the Street Memories Car Club Presents It's 10th Annual PIG ROAST & CAR SHOW, to be held July 18, 2009 - SHOW TIME - Parking at 9:00 and trophies at 3:00 p.m.

Registration forms will be available online sometime in January BUT if you wanted to register NOW, Charlie (the President) said it's okay to use the form on their website:, just change the date to 7/18/09. The registration fee for 2009 is $40.00, which includes BREAKFAST AND LUNCH, a dash plaque, and an entry into the CASH DRAWING.

There will be a "special" category for the PT Cruisers, so awards for our cars..., so I will need to know how many PT's will be cruising on up here to the beautiful northwest, so I can give him an approximate count, so we can get some of the 72 or so trophy's they give out...LOL!!

Also, a big attraction at this show, is the fact that thee Miss Piggy shows up each year, driving some type of vehicle, and entertains, so lot's of fun!!

AND, separate from the car show, Mike & I will be inviting everyone to our clubhouse that Friday, July 17, 2009, for snacks and refreshments and a little friendly chit chat...AND for those that are interested, we are also going to be putting together a Hellgate Jetboat ride down the Rogue River and making it a dinner cruise on July 19, 2009. You can go to their website: to see the cost of this cruise. If you don't want to do the "dinner" cruise, I would like to take a vote how many would rather do just the cruise or the lunch cruise, just let me know via e-mail or phone call.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the hotel I recommend, which is in downtown Grants Pass, so close to shopping and such, is the Redwood Motel. Their website is: If I know how many are coming, they will block the rooms for me and they do give an AAA and an AARP discount, and perhaps more of a discount if I know how many...

So, I know this is July 2009, but never too early to start the registration, etc., so let me know what you think and who all is in for a great time!! Hugs, Sharon

DaShado 10 Nov 2008 06:47 pm

Re: 10th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show
Hi Sharon..a few of us Rednecks from Canada would be interested in your Pig Roast & Show and Jet Boat ride etc on the weekend of July 18/09.

Can you get more info for us and e mail direct to me at


DaShado 21 Nov 2008 10:32 am

Re: 10th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show
Hi Sharon

My wife and I are booked into the Redwood, Looking forward to a holiday in your area with the PT Show the Jet boat ride and the Redwoods.
If you have anymore info please contact us when you do at

Dave & Betty


ZZRain 11 May 2009 06:24 pm

Re: 10th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show
Hello Sharon

A couple of us are coming down from Portland for the show, will not be able to make it to Grants Pass but we see you in Roseburg .. do you know who is coming up from California?

Dave looking forward to meeting you also.

Happy cruisin !
Thanks Rick

imsherona2 11 May 2009 11:08 pm

Re: 10th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show
First of all to Dave & Betty, I am so sorry I haven't responded to your messages, life has just gotten quite busy what with us starting the "new" Rogue Valley PT Cruiser Social Club and then there is our Harley Club, so I do apologize. I probably don't come into this forum as often as I should and for that I apologize again.

Okay, I have not had a great response from the So. Calif. group that was initially planning on coming up here. I know for sure there are at least 2 cars registered plus myself at this time. So, I haven't booked the jetboat dinner cruise because I don't have a total head count and without that, it's kinda hard to do....but for those that do show up, we can try and at least do the cruise up the Rogue River, and if available, also include the dinner in that. As far as doing the Friday night gathering, we hadn't really done anymore planning on that either because of the lack of response, but we will definately get together and go for a bite to eat or something, be assured of that. Not sure what other information you were looking for, but just let me know and I will try and help you out.

What with the economy the way it is, I am sure that is preventing some of the So. Calif. folks from traveling up this way, but I do know that Jim Ingram is coming, Lori Manz is coming and maybe Tom & Shirley Reeves. Am still in hopes of hearing from Dee & Jan Campbell and a few others. Tom (Pappy) & Margaret Collins are a "maybe"! There are also a few registered here from the Rogue Valley as well, so I think we are going to have a good turn-out from the PT Community At-Large and it should be lots of fun.

My e-mail is and my home # 541-956-1703. Let me know what info you need or if I can be of any help. Thank you! Sharon

ZZRain 12 May 2009 06:38 pm

Re: 10th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show
Thanks Sharon,

I sent in our registration today, we will drive down Friday night to Canyonville and spend the night at Seven Feathers and then cruise out to the show in Saturday. I do know as of yesterday they had 70 cars registrered since there is a limit of 150 you might let the California people know so they can get their registration sent in. Maybe we can meet up Saturday morning so we can cruise together out to the show, what do you think? We could meet up at Seven Feathers Casino in the parking lot. You can email me at . Looking forward to meeting you .. Happy Cruisin !! Rick

imsherona2 12 May 2009 09:12 pm

Re: 10th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show
Hi Rick! Received your e-mail and that sounds like a good plan to me. Whoever decides to show up here, we can make the run up to Seven Feathers early am Sat. and we can all cruise in together, that way we can all park together...good idea! We can talk between now and then and decide what time and that way I can determine how much time I need coming from this area to get there, etc. I really think this is going to be so much fun! See you soon....Sharon & Mike

ZZRain 01 Jun 2009 10:05 pm

Re: 10th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show
Hello Sharon, right now we have 3 other PT's going down with us to Seven Feathers. We can decide on the time in July when to meet Saturday morning. I would probable say it will take 45 minutes to an hour to get out to the car show on the west side of Roseburg from Canyonville. What do you think? Looking forward to meeting you in July. Happy Cruisin !!! Rick, ZZ

imsherona2 09 Jun 2009 10:55 pm

Re: 10th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show
That sounds good Rick, just let me know as the time gets closer. I believe at this point in time there are only 2 people coming from Calif and several of the local folks from around here, so we can all plan on meeting at Seven Feathers and cruise in together so we can all park in the same area. Keep in touch!

ZZRain 21 Jun 2009 09:16 pm

Re: 10th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show
Hi Sharon, I talked to the one of the people putting the car show on it sounds like about a hour and 1/4 to the car show from Seven Feathers. So we would need to leave Seven Feathers at around 7:45 if we want to get to the car show at around 9:00. Let me know if that is what you guys want to do, or if you want to leave later or earlier. See you in a few weeks!! :cool: Happy Cruisin !!

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