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SRT-4 Mopar Performance Parts

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Old 12 Jun 2003, 10:11 pm
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Mopar needs to make the decision to break from the strip only tradition and create both a street and strip division, and advertise providing parts for both.

This would let them merge into the 21st century and target the millenium generation (baby boomer's offspring) with the street diivsion. I suspect they will get more baby boomers than they expected in the street division. In case they haven't noticed, DC's recent re-emergence into the performance market have all been street based.

Even at the expense of a percentage of the performance the strip product offers, the street product could be slightly de-rated, be emission compliant and not endanger the warranty as an add-on performance product. As an example, Strip Stage I upgrade offers 25 hp increase and Street Stage I upgrade offers 20 hp increase while meeting emissions and being warrantied (for at least 36 months, 36K miles), duration of warranty, or 12 months / 12k miles if installed in last 4k miles of warranty.

For those who just had to get that 5 extra HP, they could risk emissions compliance and face warranty issues; but they would have the clear choice from the onset to do so.

This way, no surprises, no hidden issues, and more smiles. I know we would all like to get 50 hp increase for $300.00 and have full warranty in the process. At least having the choice between x and compliance or x+5 and possible compliance problems would be the customer's to make; not Mopars.

How many think they could live with this approach to performance products offered by the co-operation of DCX and Mopar?
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Old 12 Jun 2003, 11:08 pm
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I had a Corvette before the divorce[B)] Z-5 more HP than you can imagine, street legal, passed emmissions and good reliability. My vote is either make it street legal. If we used DC parts and help their bottom line, that would be a good thing. What we do is add so many aftermarket parts some good some bad. That kills the warranty. Imagine using all DC parts/ all the correct codes from the computers with warranties ...except abuse. I blew an PT 01 with supercharger because we never in the beginning could get fuel right never got the codes . That was an expensive engine replacement. The car computers can be read to show what abuse you put the car thru now. I beleive its an issue of product support not smoke & mirror marketing.
Jeff Taylor
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Houston City Cruisers
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Old 13 Jun 2003, 03:38 am
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I think DC is pulling the wool in several different directions here:

Most of what's listed here is easily emissions compatable. With computer controls on final fuel allotment, what comes out of the tailpipe is easily controled.

DC waited for after market to design and build much of this and then performed their own "testing" for genuine DC parts. In 70's muscle cars, all Chrysler six-pack engines used straight from the box Edelbrock intakes. Also if the market didn't develope, they had spent nothing.

Warranty? Why warranty something when people will still buy it knowing it "voids" the warranty? DC is having their cake and eating it too! Most of the current power drop offs (boost and fuel) occurr when shifting. This isn't to make you want more (or what the engine's really capable of). This is to reduce drivetrain (transmission) stress at its most vulunerable time. A few people will complain and get repairs under warranty, but most will give up after enough hassles and DC counts on this in the bottom line profit margin.

This may not be correct by the laws or by written coverages, but this is what happens, and will happen, in the real world and they know it!

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Old 23 Jul 2003, 07:26 pm
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