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Chrysler Needs A Smart Plan

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Old 03 Dec 2007, 05:49 pm
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Default Chrysler Needs A Smart Plan

Chrysler Needs A Smart Plan


PT Cruiser convertible, it seems part of a plan, conceived before the new owners took over Chrysler, to kill the entire PT lineup. The company has sold more than 1 million PTs (mostly the five-door wagon/hatchback model). Alas, the creators of the PT, a great-looking vehicle, left Chrysler and took key positions in General Motors, and the PT became "nobody's baby."

Having a low-price car like the PT wearing the Chrysler badge cripples any effort to make Chrysler an upscale division. Of course, the PT was to be a Plymouth until Chrysler killed that nameplate. Chrysler's new owners are supposed to be sharp businessmen, so I find it hard to understand how they have agreed to phase out its most successful small vehicle, just when everyone is worrying about energy prices.

The risk in phasing out vehicles and closing factories is that it just continues a downward spiral. The latest reports are that the new leaders are considering turning Dodge into a pure truck division, getting rid of all its cars. It would make sense in avoiding duplication, but would wipe out some of Chrysler's best cars. It would destroy the effort to make Dodge a global brand, and frankly, be as dumb as the decision to eliminate the PT Cruiser. I can also tell you this: re-badging the upcoming Dodge Challenger sports coupe as a Chrysler will just not work.

On top of this is the imbalance in the Chrysler lineup -- heavy on Jeeps and other SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans. Only a third of Chrysler sales are in what we call passenger cars, and that is with counting the PT Cruiser in that category. Let's not forget the complaints about quality, design and interiors.

What would I do if I were running Chrysler? My first goal would be to stop the process of combining dealers. I would do my best to make Jeep an independent franchise. I would create a new Chrysler-Plymouth sub-franchise that imitates the BMW-Mini and Toyota-Scion strategies. Under Plymouth, I would sell an expanded PT Cruiser line and a less-expensive version of the minivan.


Read full article at
Chrysler Needs A Smart Plan -

Source:, Jerry Flint
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Old 04 Dec 2007, 07:53 am
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Default Re: Chrysler Needs A Smart Plan

Agree with the article.
Reminds me of a nitwit boss I had - he kept talking about saving money. He'd look bargains in the face and turn them down in the interest of saving money.
I finally said, "I have a great idea to save money - fire everybody, cancel all the building leases - think of how much money you can save."...
I was transferred not long after.
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Old 05 Dec 2007, 07:13 am
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Default Re: Chrysler Needs A Smart Plan

i agree also hope they do something smart
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Old 18 Dec 2007, 10:55 am
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Default Re: Chrysler Needs A Smart Plan

The "new" Chrysler coproration would not be thinking clearly to drop our great cars. How many cars are being made where you can get in and out easily, rather than falling in and climbing out? How many sit so comfortable? How many have the comforts and miserly gas usage? We have the bottom of the line and totally enjoy the car.
We really need to bombard the "new" Chrysler with our feelings. Maybe, just maybe we can convince them to continue a good thing. Hopefully, the marketing folks will realize they have a good thing going even if the design has been used for several years. The design is perpetual and needs no change.
How many used PT's do you see on the car lots?
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Old 18 Dec 2007, 07:58 pm
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Default Re: Chrysler Needs A Smart Plan

Does anyone remember the first (and second) "fuel crisis" back about 1973 and again in 1975? The national speed llimit was 55 MPH by Federal mandate? People lined up at the pumps on odd or even days, depending on the first letter of your license plate.

Who was the first car company to dump ALL their V8s? Chrysler! GM and Ford kept a supply of their V6s and V8s. Engineering cycles being what they are, where did that brillant move leave Chrysler a few years later, when fuel became plentiful (though expensive) again? Trying to push a whole fleet of cars with nothing but 4 cylinders. I recall even their supply of V6s was extremely limited due to lost production capability. They didn't even have a rear drive platform to offer for sale.

Everything old is new again!
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Old 19 Dec 2007, 08:07 am
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Default Re: Chrysler Needs A Smart Plan

Originally Posted by dklipfel View Post
I recall even their supply of V6s was extremely limited due to lost production capability.
I don't ever recall a Chrysler V6 in the 70s. I thought they just had the Slant Six.

Anyway, I agree that some re-organization is needed within Chrysler and getting rid of low-selling models is a start. The article claims it's a mistake to dump the Pacifica instead of redesigning it, but he fails to mention the upcoming Dodge Journey, which would effectively replace the Pacifica.

The Magnum is an over-priced station wagon. Every single one I saw in a dealer was over $30K.

I agree that bringing back Plymouth as a low end line is a good idea but I doubt that will happen. In the end, Cyberus will do whatever it wants, regardless of how us Mopar fans feel...
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