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50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

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Old 04 Nov 2009, 01:43 am
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Default Re: 50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

Hey I had a Merkur.......that was a great looking car!

Would have been better if it came with the V6 Cosworth instead of the useless 4 banger turbo from the Mustang
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Old 04 Nov 2009, 01:58 am
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Default Re: 50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

Originally Posted by PurplePTGirl View Post
Ah, I think the Soul is kinda cool. How can you not like a car that comes in a shade of green called *Alien*? And the commercial with the hamsters was about as awesome a car commercial as I have ever seen.
Gotta admit... that ad was way cool!

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Old 09 Jan 2010, 06:14 pm
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Default Re: 50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

How am I to take seriously any list of ugly cars that does not include the Porsche Cayenne, the most pug-fugly car of all time? Or that Mercedes that looks like Hitler's ice cream truck?
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Old 11 Jan 2010, 06:10 pm
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Default Re: 50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

What about the Olds Delta 88, sedan or wagon. Or a Chevy Citation.. A Ford Pinto.. Just looking over the list.. Whoever did that knows nothing about style..
2001 Limited Edition.. Silver.. Lowered 2-4 inch drop, Chrome pillars, MSD wires.
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Old 15 Feb 2010, 05:22 pm
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Default Re: 50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

Originally Posted by quicksilverdon View Post
The idiot has the Prowler on the list, too.

Ford Taurus..



Volvo 240

New Beetle

El Camino (!)

Ferrari Enzo..

all are on this clown's list. Wonder what he drives.....
probably a BMW....
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Old 23 Feb 2010, 04:24 pm
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Default Re: 50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

Originally Posted by PurplePTGirl View Post
I agree with a lot of the cars but not all--but you have to admit, the PT is the kind of car that you either love or hate. Which is cool, I dont like following the crowd

There were some ugly cars on there--the Cube (have any of you seen the little dash toupee that it comes with? LOL), pretty much any Citroen belongs on any ugly car list that is worth its salt. AMC cars are all ugly too. The Chevette (we used to call them Shove Its) is just boring, not really ugly, as is the Taurus. But the guy got it right about the 1970s Mustangs (I had one, the fastback kind with the louvres in the back window LOL and the full on Cobra paint job. Why did we think louvres were cool on cars in the 70s?).

I wondered about the VW New Beetle, the DeLorean, the Toyota RAV4... I dont think any of those cars are ugly. Where was the Ford Escort 1.0? That was a butt ugly piece of crap (I had one of them, too). Crappiness should rank the car at the top of the list!

WTF, I owned a 73 Javelin and it was one of the most beautiful muscle cars built. I even like the Gremlin and the eagle for that matter.

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Old 05 Sep 2010, 08:04 pm
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Default Re: 50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

i agree on the Aztec, and the Baja. dont know if its on the list, but the honda element is also very ugly.
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Old 05 Sep 2010, 09:36 pm
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Default Re: 50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

I guess ugly is a subjective term. I like the look of SmartCars (and Cruisers natch.) In fact, there are a lot of cars that are so ugly I think they are really cool, like the BMW Isetta or the Edsel. I have a place in my heart for the 64 Ford Econoline Van, which many find ugly but I think are beautiful, largely for nostalgic reasons.

I don't like the Cubes or the Scions, personally. And while I like PT Cruisers, I find their cousins, the Chevy HHR, pretty unattractive.
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Old 06 Sep 2010, 11:13 pm
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Default Re: 50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

Originally Posted by johnnylightning86 View Post
Well at least this idiot put the Honda Element on there. The PT Cruiser however is far from ugly. And if he didn't like the retro VW beetle, then why would he omit the HHR?

I also do not agree about the Pinto, El Camino, Mustang II, Chevette, Gremlin, Avalanche, Escalade, and Compass - while they might not have been the most attractive cars, they certainly are not among the fifty ugliest. There are way too many that rightfully deserve that honor.

The ugliest cars that top my list:
Isuzu Tribeca - absolutely the ugliest vehicle ever made with that hideous blow hole called a grille
Mistubishi Lancer - the car with a flat nose and a blunt butt, or is it a blunt nose and a flat butt
Nissan Cube
Honda Element
Honda Ridgeline
Honda CRV
Honda Insight
Honda Fit - but still think they should have several versions of this car - the Tizzy Fit, the Coniption Fit, and the Fit to be Tied
Toyota Yaris - the car with the name from the Atari game
Toyota Echo
Toyota Tercel
Toyota Prius
Toyota Previa - the oviod bubble on wheels
Toyota - actually just about everything they make - odd lines and curves with headlights, tail lights, and grilles that just don't fit together in the overall scheme
Saab - just about any vehicle they make or ever made
AMC Matador
AMC Pacer
Mazda 5 - the 5 door vehicle similar to the Fit
Mazda RX8
Subura WRX
Subura Forester
Isuzu Axiom
Kia Rio
Kia Soul
Hyundai Accent
Smart Car - aka the egg on wheels
Renault - again just about anything they ever made
Mercury Merkur
Ford Contour - the car that looked like a blowfish sucking on a lemon
Scion xB - aka the shoe box on wheels
Nissan Versa
Ford Festiva
Ford Aspire
Ford Fiesta
Chevy Aveo
Audi TT - the car that needs to go the bathroom and looks like it can't decide whether it's coming or going
x2 right on,, though the chevett is questionable, and compass is just not right
amc matador,, lol,, lol, fit to be tied
take out honda rdgeline add vw touregg
agree toyotas ar just weird looking
and saabs wtf
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Old 08 Sep 2010, 03:58 pm
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Default Re: 50 Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

And what about the gremlin, remember that thing?
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