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Factory Subwoofer in the rear

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Old 28 Sep 2010, 12:14 am
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Default Factory Subwoofer in the rear

Anybody every installed the factory subwoofer that went in the drivers side rear??? I have one here and was wondering if anyone ever installed one and what all was involded in doing so??
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Old 28 Sep 2010, 01:52 am
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Default Re: Factory Subwoofer in the rear

Copied from another thread:


Phillips head screwdriver
Rubber hammer
Torque wrench (to readjust 30-LB torque on seatbelt anchor)
Ratchet, w/10mm socket
TORX T-25, T-50 socket drivers
Wire striper
Soldering iron, and solder
Electrical tape

Mopar Installation Notes

This installation is for installating a 2001 Mopar Subwoofer in a 2001 PT Cruiser. The 2001 Mopar Subwoofer can not be installed in a 2002 PT Cruiser without modifying the wiring. See the modification procedure near the bottom of this page.

Webmaster Note, Sept 2003 - When this guide was prepared two years ago DC had just released the 2002 model year Cruiser, however there were changes to the OEM audio wiring system. Many 2002 owners were unaware of the wiring change and assumed that Mopars previously designed subwoofer, which was compatible with the 2001 PT, would also work with the 2002 model year PT. New (2002) PT owners purchased this sub, only to discover that the subwoofer installation instructions did not match what they found in their vehicles. Some owners decided not to wait for Mopar to redesign the sub for the 2002 PT, so they designed a "work around" to make the current sub functional in their 2002 Cruisers. We have provided one such remedy near the bottom of this page.

Currently DC manufactures specific model year subwoofers; there's one model for the 2001 PT and one model that works with the 2002-2004 model year Cruisers. The basic installation outlined below is the same for each model year, plus or minus a few variations within the OEM subwoofer installation instructions.

Install parts as shown on illustrations.

To avoid damage to the wiring harness, ensure no contact with sharp edges.

Re-fit panels, ensure components and wiring harness are neatly and securely located.

Use provided torque value for fastening seat belts, and other safety items, or refer to service manual.

Please use the auto-load Java menu below to navigate the web site. If the menu is not visible, or the menu does not function with your browser, please use the alternate links near the bottom of the table.

Go to....Home Page Pit Area Main Index Mopar Sub Woofer Guide Intro

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Parts included

Tools required


Disconnect Battery

Remove rear seat

Remove rear speaker cover and loosen rubber gasket

Remove rear trim cover

Loosen back door rubber gasket

Remove side cover

Remove front trim panel

Remove cover for seat securing latch

Remove seatbelt bracket cover

Remove seatbelt bracket bolt

Remove pillar cover

Remove trim panel screws

Remove seatbelt alignment clips

Pull trim panel out

Remove seatbelt bolt

Remove sealbelt from trim panel

Remove and discard trim panel

Tape wiring harness to existing rear speaker wires

Secure grounding strap with existing bolt

Pull back trim and run wiring harness underneath trim

Pull back carpet and run wires behind it

Pull back carpet by brake pedal and run wires underneath

Remove window switch cover

Disconnect wiring harness for the window switch

Remove HVAC switch knobs

Remove face plate

Remove four screws and remove head unit

Disconnect wiring harness from head unit

Route harness from under dash

Pull wiring harness through head unit opening

Reconnect new wiring harness and grounding strap with bolt provided

Reinstall head unit

Remove screws and pull out power outlet

Locate red wire from wiring harness

Strip black wire that provides power

Wrap red wire onto black lead

Solder wires

Tape previously soldered wires

Reinstall power outlet

Connect wiring harness to subwoofer and amp

Reconnect battery and test for sound

Reinstall all removed parts in reverse order

Reinstall upper seatbelt bolt - torque to 30 ft lbs

Reinstall lower seatbelt bolt - torque to 30 ft lbs

Reinstall trim panel

Tap panel with rubber hammer to secure firnly
That's all Folks. Enjoy the sound!

Note -

Step #35 & 36 - Mike Minutella wrote; step 35 & 36 (photos) instruct you to attach the red wire to the stripped "black" power wire. It should actually read - Attach the red wire to the stripped "blue/black" power wire. The blue/black wire is always hot, even
04 graphite(vroom!) N/A Limited 110,000 miles -original owner. Custom short ram intake ( CGS motor-sport pipe, specter open-end air filter, specter breathing hose),OEM spoiler, Pioneer receiver ,10" bazooka sub,Blue LED interior lighting, Bosch +4 plugs and Accel super stock 8mm universal plug wires.
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Old 01 Oct 2010, 02:39 pm
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Default Re: Factory Subwoofer in the rear

Mine came with instructions which made it quite simple. Believe I had it done in just over an hour.

Here are some instructions:

Installing Mopar PTC Subwoofer - Detailed

The one difference with mine is reusing the rear panel. You have to grind/drill off the heat welds that holds the pocket.
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