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Old 19 Jun 2011, 11:09 am
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Default Comments and Suggestions

Hi folks,

New PT owner here. Just purchased a 2004 GT Turbo. One of only complaints I have is the OEM sound system. It just sounds really bad to me. No punch.

I plan to replace the entire system and wanted to get your opinions on my choices.

First, I am going to use my existing Pioneer DEH-P7000BT. I bought this a few years ago and see no reason to replace it. I already have it installed and working in the new Cruiser.

Now I'm not much of a fan of house, trance, rap, disco, you name it music that features a 'beat'. I'm more into hard rock and metal, so I am not planning to overdo the bass. I went looking for speakers that could handle down to 35-40hz so I would not need a separate sub. I'm not opposed to adding a sub, but would rather not (I'd like to keep the cargo space for cargo ).

Here's what I plan to get next week (unless you talk me out of it ).

Polk Mobile Monitor MM571
Polk Mobile Monitor MM6501 or Polk Audio db6501
Pioneer GM-D9500F

While I'm not into car audio much (I'm big time into home theater), I do want a decent sounding system and the OEM is not that. I have heard (and do own) other Polk Audio speakers and I do like the sound.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

BTW - I want to keep the budget under $1000 for this.

PS - If I get one of the component speakers listed, I plan to put the tweeter in the dash where the OEM tweeter currently exists. Do you see any problem with this?
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Old 19 Jun 2011, 11:57 am
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Default Re: Comments and Suggestions

Serge will be in eventually to load you up nicely.

But just to let you know, the pt cruiser has smaller subs that are perfect for going under the drivers seat or in the map pocket in the trunk. Theres also plenty of shallow subs out there.

For heavy stuff and rock nothing over 10" for sure

But getting decent speakers to replace all the factory ones and amping them on a 4 channel amp maygive you all the bass you need
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Old 19 Jun 2011, 12:14 pm
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Default Re: Comments and Suggestions

You can always add this OEM sub...I have it and its great

PT Cruiser Subwoofer Mopar 80 watt digital amplifier | eBay
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Old 19 Jun 2011, 03:06 pm
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Default Re: Comments and Suggestions

Hey Boss!!!!

The Polk speakers are pretty nice; but if you expecting to get decent bass out of them; I would guarantee you would find your self disappointed.

I am a big Rock fan too; Alice in Chains, Radiohead, some Metal like Fear Factory, Lamb of god.

I know what you mean; when you don't want that Club sounding bass.

However, these speakers are not going to get you "rock" sounding Bass either.


Most Rock bass is going to be around 60-100hz. Club/Rap go lower into the 30's or 40's.

But Regardless, those polk seakers alone will not give you the Low End Bass you need for even Rock Music.

You will need about 500 RMS of bass. You can always adjust your subwoofer down a little by your amp or head unit. Plus your Head unit has a Subwoofer FRequency Controller. Most Pioneers do. I would defiantly get a sub woofer that you can control.

Space is a little of an issue for you; However, this can be accomplished in 1 10" subwoofer; that won't take up much Cargo Room.

The Subwoofer should go in a Sealed Box. Sealed boxes are more for Rock and Jazz.

Hip Hop/ Techno sound better in a Ported Box.


Here is what I would do if I were you.

*Goals: Give plenty of Full Range powered music.
*Giving you addequete Bass for Rock Music
*Getting you out the Door Cheap as possible, but with good Equipment.

*That 4 channel amp you showed me was a good amp; but it was $250 for 75 RMS x 4.

Check out this one..

JENSEN POWER760 4 Channel 760w Car Audio Amplifier Amp | eBay



VMInnovation is the Ebay Store. I have bought from them before; they are legit.

The amp is 75 RMS x 4 (same power as the pioneer) and is only $75 bucks. You can't beat that!!!!!

Plus the amp is CEA certified. Like I said above; I will get you out cheap, and with out garbage stuff. This is a good amp; especially for the $.


Speakers. Now you want to get something equal power to the amp.

Alpine SPS-600 6-1/2" Type-S Series 2-way Speakers
Alpine SPS-600
80 RMS

*Since you have a 4 channel amp; get 2 sets of these. I am not sure what size your rear speakers are. some PT's have doors speakers. others have Rear Pillars. Either way, Alpine Type S come in all sizes.

*These are great speakers for the money.


Power Acoustik FUBAR-10W

Power Acoustik FUBAR-10W (fubar10w) 1600W Max, 10" Dual 4 ohm
Power Acoustik FUBAR-10W | eBay

10" Dual 4 ohm Subwoofer
Power Handling:
Peak: 1600 watts
RMS: 600 watts

*You want to get a 4 ohm DVC so you can wire it to 2 ohms. That is where the Amp and Subwoofer both put out the same RMS.


Amp for that Subwoofer.

*I never recommend an amp that is not CEA certified. Sony recently started to become CEA compliant. This amp is rather powerful.

2 ohms: 600 watts

$139 (and it comes with an amp install kit)



$20 bucks will get you a sealed Box.

Sonic Sub Boxes 1H10-0.7-BLACK (1h1007-black) Single 10"

Maybe you want grey, here is a list:

(Sort Price: Lowest First) 10" Sealed Subwoofer Enclosures | Sealed Subwoofer Enclosures | Car Subwoofer Enclosures | Car Subwoofer Installation & Accessories | Car Audio/Video Installation & Accessories | Car Audio, Video & GPS at Sonic Electronix


So there you have it: An AWESOME SOUDING SYSTEM!

$75 (jensen amp 75 RMS x 4)
$69 per pair of Alpine door speakers (80 RMS each)
$139 (Sony CEA certified 600 RMS subwoofer amp)
$60 (10" subwoofer 600 RMS)
$20 (10" sealed subwoofer enclosure)

Total $363.

*That $363 will give you a complete; bad ass system as opposed to the $320 you wanted to spend on just 1 set of door speakers.
Polk Audio MM6501 6-3/4" component speaker system — also fits 6-1/2" openings at Crutchfield Signature

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Old 19 Jun 2011, 03:20 pm
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Default Re: Comments and Suggestions

Just one more illustration for you.

I know you know your Frequencies well.

Look at this Equalizer. *Not to buy it; but because I am trying to make a point....

The Bass Frequencies are between 25-80hz.

The Mid Bass starts around 100.

Don't try to get "Bass" from full range speakers like those Polks.

Components Speakers have a Tweeter; and a "Mid Bass Driver"

Not a Sub woofer; but a Mid Bass Driver.

It says the frequency response is 40-20k, that is great; but how much are you really going to get?

Not much. All that tells you is it responds at that frequency. It doesn't actually push hard enough.

Component speakers give good Mid Bass, and Lower Mid Range.

I know what you are looking for when you say Rock bass. Get the 10" subwoofer in a sealed box. You will be SUPER HAPPY you did!

Peace bro

*I always mention this. Buy it from Sonic, or Ebay, or Amazon, or whereever. I don't work for anyone; or get anything out of helping you. Make sure the place is legit; and has like 99% positive feedback, and go for it.

PS Stay away from Crutchfeild and Best buy. They are way over priced. Way over!!!


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Old 19 Jun 2011, 03:34 pm
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Default Re: Comments and Suggestions

Originally Posted by dewd View Post
PS - If I get one of the component speakers listed, I plan to put the tweeter in the dash where the OEM tweeter currently exists. Do you see any problem with this?
Dash is not the ideal location for a tweeter. You dont want the highs reflecting off anything (such as the windshield) if possible but aimed directly at your ears. The mirror sail panels are a much better location and easy to locate them there.

This is what i did with the wifes setup (before i finally got a closer matching paint than shown)

Also i agree the factory mopar sub is really good if you just want more lower end and it takes up no room in the back. The designer of it (for chrysler) sells them shipped less than $100 and he will included detailed instructions and will even adapt it for aftermarket radios if you need it that way. The ones he has upgraded 80watts verses the first ones that were only 50watts.

Got one in my GT and love it as it really fills in whats missing in the factory setup nicely. Of course since its only 8" its not going to rattle your teeth....but this is NOT what your wanting right?
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Old 19 Jun 2011, 03:54 pm
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Default Re: Comments and Suggestions

Holy Cow SergeantPtCruiser,

That is way more than I was expecting. THANK YOU!!!

I wasn't really sure what to expect with the Polks. I'm a complete novice with car audio. In my home theater, I have a 200 lb dual 12" beast to supplement my 3 way (6.5", 5", and 1") mains. But this is mainly for the super low bass found in today's movies playing at or near reference. With music in a much smaller area I was thinking......

Give me a few days to digest this and I will let you know how it turns out. Since I'm so far under budget I may even get the HD Radio and/or XM attachments for my Pioneer.
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Old 19 Jun 2011, 04:04 pm
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Default Re: Comments and Suggestions

You could even get this subwoofer instead of the other one.


This subwoofer is 800 RMS; and costs only $73 - $100

It's a really good brand too!

Pioneer 10" Champion Series Pro Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-W2502D2 | eBay

Good stuff doesn't have to be super expensive.

And your welcome!
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Old 19 Jun 2011, 04:11 pm
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Thumbs up Re: Comments and Suggestions

Originally Posted by dewd View Post
Hi folks,

PS - If I get one of the component speakers listed, I plan to put the tweeter in the dash where the OEM tweeter currently exists. Do you see any problem with this?

That is really why I am not a fan of Component speakers.

The install is a *itch, and personally, I don't like a tweeter right in my Ear.


I debated that issue, and decided on these Speakers.

Infinity Kappa's have a Tweeter that you can

1. Rotate to Aim where you would like them to.
2. Have a Treble Boost Button; to get more or less treble from the speaker.

I found them for $75 bucks for a pair; and they handle up to 90 RMS. (that Jensen amp would be a good match for it)

*This might be your solution! It was mine..
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Old 19 Jun 2011, 04:37 pm
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Default Re: Comments and Suggestions

Originally Posted by dewd View Post
Holy Cow SergeantPtCruiser,
. Since I'm so far under budget I may even get the HD Radio and/or XM attachments for my Pioneer.

Somewhere in the sound forum; there is a thread about Sirius; and how to get it really really cheap.

Join for 6 months; then when your subscription runs out; they will send you an offer for 6 more months for $19.99

About 3 bucks a month.

People here have said they have done the 6 months for $19 over and over and over and over.

* I got screwed by Sirius.

I bought the Life time subscription when it first cam out for $600.

When I got the new car, I had to transfer it to my new car.

The Representiative said:

Ok, that is 1 transfer, you only have 2 more now.

I said: "WTF, I though I have a life time Subscrption"

Sirius: "If for the life-time of the radio; with 3 transfers"

I said" "Heeellloooo!! Radio's are not alive! Do they have a heart beat? No, so they are not alive.

Sirius: Sorry, read the fine print.


So if I could do it again, I would do the 6 months for $19 trick

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