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Let's hear what that K E sounds like

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Old 18 May 2012, 09:51 pm
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Default Let's hear what that K E sounds like

Okay, I've been sitting here idly watching all these conversations about stereos and amps and subs and who has the best and so on and so forth. I usually don't say much about them, unless someone asks me directly. I've tried many times to show you all what a really, really good stereo setup is, that fits into most people's budgets. Excellent head unit, excellent amp, and excellent sub. No need to change your factory speakers unless they have declined and start generating noise. Mine are just now at the point where, when you listen closely, you can hear from the front speakers some hiccups in the audio quality.

Now I've been an engineer all my life, started out at 14 years old as a private DJ, way way back in the good old days (yes, the 70's!). I had two crappy turntables but a really nice BiAmp 24 channel mixer, a pair of Urei Concert Grand speakers (6000 watt, 36" sub, 26" horn on top), a pair of Yamaha 4x10" three-way speaker columns, and all kinds of miscellaneous sound gear. I did a lot of private parties, dances, sweet-16's, etc. Was really into sound, and my the summer between my sophomore year and my junior year in high school, DISD (Dallas Independant School District) hired me as the "DISD Lighting and Sound Technician". I spent two extremely awesome years installing light and sound systems in school auditoriums, upgrading existing systems, etc. While doing that, Brookhaven Community College contacted me and asked me to build them their lighting and sound for their Theater Stage.

All that being said, I'm a sound junky. I love music. All kinds of music. My tastes are extremely eclectic. Freaks my wife out, I'll listen to Andrea Bocelli, then turn around and listen to Limp Bizkit. I'll listen to R&B love songs, then turn on heavy metal. Out of all this, I spend hours, literally, researching who makes the best stuff that is affordable.

So, finally, I'm going to expose what I have to you all, and let you hear my sound system. Next week, after I swap out my speakers, I'll take photos and share them here too.

My list of audio equipment - and mind you this is MY list, I do suggest that others consider this equipment, but if not, hey I'm not telling anyone I'm an expert, just a junkie.

First - the head unit - this is the one very similar to mine, but they no longer make mine, it's an older version of this one - Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X895:

Here's a funny thing - everyone, including Crutchfield, lists the sub outputs as 4 volts, but when you open the box you'll find out they're 5 volts!

Second - the sub amp - JL Audio JX360-2:

Mounted under the driver's seat with just some velcro to hold it in place, never has moved an inch, plenty of airflow to keep it cool.

And finally, the most expensive piece, the subwoofer - JL Audio CP108LG-WCv3:

Oh yeah, it's only 8"... but then when you mix these components, the output is PHENOMENAL!

I did this video tonight, because I was out front washing down my driveway after finishing up doing a bunch of plantings today ($1800 worth!), and had my stereo playing so grabbed my camera to get some video and audio recorded. Mind you, I'm old and shakey, was exhausted when I taped this so you'll get some laughs from me singing along with Justin Timberlake, and the shaking is because I forgot that I'd turned off the "shake stop" on this HD camera. So watch your audio, the beginning isn't very loud but it does get that way the closer to the car. Next time I'll shoot with top up and windows closed so you can see what that sounds like:

This is, by far, one of the most exceptional stereo setups I've ever seen/heard, and add to it, it all cost less than $600!!!
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Old 18 May 2012, 11:23 pm
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Default Re: Let's hear what that K E sounds like

I was sitting outside work and had my system on and had the sub level turned up on the cd player half way and was mayne half a football field away since that's where we are supposed to park and there was some old lady just staring at me, shaking her head at me. Then yesterday on my way to work listing to fade to black and yet again had the bass up and 2 different people at 2 seperate occasions on different roads were dancing to my music. They were the car in front of me. They'd look in there mirror. Take a second look then dance lol. Had some older fellar at speedway come up to me and told me he never seen a car like that with a system like that. He loved it. Couldn't stop smiling. Made me happy all I have is 2 old school model jl audios. Wish I knew the model number bit.all that's on the magnet is jl audio but there in a sealed box with a phoenix gold 300 watt amp I believe turned up a 1/4 of the way if that and sounds way better then my 2 jlw08's. Still have those. Was thinking of getting a bigger amp and putting all 4 in. Neighbor upstairs said she was sleeping on her couch and her couch vibrating woke her up lol. I wake her up everytime I come home lol.
2005 n/a 5 speed. 177365 miles. spectre cold air intake, white and pink leds under dash and back seats, purple leds in vents, wall with 1 18" subwoofer built behind back seat(soon to be either 16 American bass vfl8's or 4 18's with the wall rebuilt all the way to behind the front seats,cant wait!!!), blue dash lights, pink turn signal indicators. 3D tails and tinted backup lights. Power antenna (that no longer has power ha!) another one gone but wont be forgotten

2003 gt turbo. 130245 miles. autostick, mopar riceplate, 3" o2 housing and downpipe. custom diablo tune (totaled, gone but not forgotten)

2003 dream cruiser. autostick, mopar body kit, mopar bov, cai. s1 injectors. mopar s1 pcm. 3" 02 housing and downpipe installed from last turbo, upper IC hardpipe more on its way soon.......... diablo tuner in the near future.
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