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S1 PCM No Power=Re-Quick Learn?????

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Old 29 Nov 2003, 10:27 pm
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Default S1 PCM No Power=Re-Quick Learn?????

Well having to have my PCM replaced for the 5200 RPM stumble(on my word over the phone) , I ripped my S1 PCM out, put the OEM PCM back in. Took it to Dealer, he replaced my stock with new and off I went. Well........almost , yeah the pinion program got him, resolved in about 2 blocks and 10 mins.

So my brother takes his S1 down to have it flashed on Thursday last week and I have him ask, "Do we have to do a quick learn when we disconnect power"? Well Flight System did not know. Was never asked befor?

The new stock PCM ran REAL nice compared to other, even with the over sized S1 Injectors.

Well I re-installed S1 PCM and tried to run it as is for about a week now(less Sportster days) and I was not happy. Well today took off the Neg. side( why Neg by the way, less chance of arc?) let it sit for 20 mins, fired it up, heat cycled the car as per S1 instructions, and did a quick learn over. PITA! but I have to say it made it crisper in the WOT and shifts.

3BAR can you help on this? Is tranny info stored RAM or ROM, as no back up battery, I assume (hate that word) that flash is held but are "learned" driving patterns retained as well?

Thanks to any and all thoughts on this.

I mean a battery could go and then do, or dont we.....................
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Old 30 Nov 2003, 12:14 am
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This is agreat question...

I would like to know the answer also.

When I first took the car with S-1, the care did a 14.9 ET at 90MPH
Last week, I took the car again and it did a horrible 15.6... I then removed the air intake silencer and went down to 15.32 at 88MPH.
All have been in 85Degree temp with 60-70% Humidity.

At the track, I removed the negative connector in order to reset the PCM but I still got the same 15.3...

What happened??
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Old 30 Nov 2003, 02:48 am
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Trans things aren't as clear to me, not my end of the business. My understanding is that the trans controller needs to understand what the state of affairs inside the box is. That is to say: how grippy are the individual clutch packs, are they worn any, is the pump operating above or below spec, is the fluid old or new, etc. The quick learn is to put the control algorithms in a state that will optimize around the particular condition the trans is in (which is in RAM and learned constantly). So my guess is that yes, normally quick learn happens when you break in - when you wouldn't be doing WOT upshifts - and you would need to quick learn over if you lose battery (say if you were at dragstrip). Otherwise it would happen normally while you are bumbling around town. Flash is programming a flash eprom, which doesn't normally lose it's brain unless you shine an infrared light on it.

As to why Ian's car is slower, not sure. You have a boost gauge? Same ambients should yield same boost. If not, something else going on. There have been instances of the wastegate actuator can bracket or rod "relaxing" - effectively reducing preload on the wastegate. You will need a dial indicator and adjustable regulator to measure this (wastegate rod moves 1mm at 150mm Hg pressure in the can), or you can lean on the whole thing with a large screwdriver and see if you are any faster (bend the can away from the actuator rod - no more than a millimeter). The spring trick also does the same thing. Only downside if the wastegate is not the problem is wastegate might not open until 5-6 psi instead of the 3 psi we specified, which means the wastegate solenoid has a little bit less authority to save your motor if things really get out of hand (like continuing to stand on the loud pedal after plowing through mud and clogging up your whole fascia).
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Old 30 Nov 2003, 10:47 pm
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Thanks 3BAR,

I was wondering for sur and then just did it figured it could not hurt. The S1 says it is to get a baseline for the upshift and down shift and that is why these 25 first shifts are so important. I will just do it if I loose power, or need to return my car to stock for major warrenty work.

Thanks for responding, and at least sorta confirmed my redo of the quick learn.

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