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Waterpump replaced, now problems.

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Old 06 Sep 2007, 09:09 pm
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Default Waterpump replaced, now problems.

Hi, I took my 2003 PT cruiser in about 4 months ago (3,300 miles ago) in after the waterpump blew out. Before it blew, it squeaked for 3 or so miles (cold) each morning for the previous week..

After the replacement (plus cam belt, gaskets, seals, etc.), I had problems. Turns out the thermostat was defective. They fixed it.

Then, 2 Sundays ago, I thought I smelled antifreeze, but passed it off (yes, could have been something else. blah blah). I hop in in Monday morning, and wha-la, it squeaked just like before the blowout. This time however, I do confirm it is an antifreeze smell.

I take it back to the dealer in the afternoon, and the next morning calls to tell me it was leaking at the thermostat housing. They put in a new t-stat and fixed the seal. (At this point, let me say that I believe they only pressure checked it, but never turned it on to hear the squeak.)

After I smelled antifreeze, and after the fix, my temp gauge will frequently but without any consistency, go down some then right back up.

The needle has never (in 2 years) moved from one line below half.

But, when I smelled the antifreeze, I *felt* as though the engine had more resistance than normal.

When I called back, he told me 'as long as it doesn't go over', 'I wouldn't tell you it's ok if it wasn't', 'let's replace the belts, it's $$$$, etc..

In the last week however, (what I believe are caused by a possible defective pump) problems have surfaced.

Rough idle. My a/c blower works fine, but I have half the freon coming out, it's not as cold as before. Lights flicker. However, it is not really consistent. And plug are at about 25K miles.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? HELP, please.

And the place is freakin' GoodYear.

EDIT: I had no problems before.

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Old 07 Sep 2007, 09:43 am
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Default Re: Waterpump replaced, now problems.

In case anyone is interested, the battery was bad. I had an issue like a year ago with it (starting) intermittenly for a week or 2, and all it needed was the terminals cleaned. He sabved me the money then, but I knew I would have to replace it.

He is going to test the alternator, but I think I may go to another shop *if* it needs it, or as a second opinion.

But how does this explain the squeak? It wasn't there this morning. Maybe it knew it was going under the wrench? hmmmmm

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Old 07 Sep 2007, 10:58 am
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Default Re: Waterpump replaced, now problems.

The squeak is probably a belt, probably the genorator belt, as the tension has to be manually adjusted. and it's in a tight spot. The other belt is on it's own spring-loaded tensioner. You were due for a battery anyway, but still you have to wonder it your battery problems were caused by a loose belt.

To be upfront, I'm not a fan of Goodyear places, I won't use their tires anymore (tread seperation all the time) and the last time I was there to fix a flat, they left 50lbs of pressure in the tire. With that in mind.....

Any good menchanic doing this job would recommend doing the timing belt at the same time as the water pump. Why? because to do the water pump you must remove the timing belt. You're already paying for the labor, but when re-assembling, he just reachs for the new timing belt instead of the old one. If you have normal mileage on a 2003, you probably aren't that far away from needing a timing belt change anyway.

At this point, I would seriously think of changing the shop, maybe even going to a dealer, they're expensive, but you would hope they would actually know how to fix their product.

Good Luck!
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Old 07 Sep 2007, 11:24 am
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Default Re: Waterpump replaced, now problems.

I debated the belt for less than 1 minutes. I only have 56,000 miles (53,000 then), but you can't assume another problem where it can be done as an after thought.

I am not a fan of dealers, I have had multiple issues with several different brands. They make GoodYear look like saints.

Still waiting for them to call. Thank you for replying.
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Old 07 Sep 2007, 05:12 pm
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Default Re: Waterpump replaced, now problems.

The saga continues.

I swear they didn't even check the 'temp gauge' problem. Not to mention I filled up yesterday, drove the whole of 6 miles, and now my gas gauge is a little above 3/4.

The temp gauge is going down lower than before. It will go down to 1/2 way to next lowest line then come up, but not always to normal. It has no consistency in the way it goes up and down.

And GY will not warranty it to another store within 25+ miles.

I'm going to crank it up about 7am, and if it squeaks, I will drive up there. Then Monday, I will call corporate. The bad part is my friend used to be the main mechanic up there from 1986, and we never had a problem with him. These new people though, just plain suck.

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