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troubleshooting help codes 340/1193

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Old 23 Mar 2009, 03:10 pm
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Default troubleshooting help codes 340/1193

I have a 2002 paperweight in my driveway...HELP....Started with a stall on the highway...Towed by AAA back to house. Ran codes...Got 0340...Changed camshaft sensor...Still not starting....Checked voltage on wiring...OK...Still get code 0340 and now 1193 showed up...I have heard talk of the crankshaft sensor....Should I try that next???...Any ideas on my next plan of attack would be greatly appreciated...
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Old 23 Mar 2009, 03:23 pm
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Default Re: troubleshooting help codes 340/1193

Is it a bad no start (as in - does it sound like its never gonna start, just wheezing and cranking along?) Or does it try and start and fail?

Only 3 things needed to make a motor run.

Air/Fuel mixed in the right proportion



(ok I lied - you need the above three in the right order and in the right quantities too).

Do you have fuel, you should easily smell fuel under the hood if you crank for a while.

Do you have spark - pull a plug and ground it while cranking - should get a nice bright blue-white spark. red or pink is kinda weak.

Compression is harder. You pretty much need a gauge to tell if you have it.

Common failures giving no start -

1. fuel pump bad/fuel filter plugged - out of fuel

2. Dead shorted spark plug, bad coil, bad plug wire.

3. Restricted intake or exhaust, head gasket problem, low end problem (rings, broken crank, etc)

4. Timing belt, PCM failure, fuel injector failure.

Lets look at the codes - 0340 is the camshaft position sensor. It senses that the camshaft is turning and gives the PCM input on timing. IF it does not receive any data - i.e. it doesn't sense that the cam is turning - it throws that code. It would also throw that code if the wire is bad, going bad, or the sensor has gone bad. It would also show up if the camshaft isn't turning - as if your timing belt just broke.

Dunno about 1193, maybe crewzin will show up cuz that isn't on my list of codes.

Oh how many miles, and have you done the timing belt change at 90k (if your past that)?
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Old 23 Mar 2009, 03:55 pm
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Default Re: troubleshooting help codes 340/1193

I already posted about the P1193 code on his other (same) post in a different part of the forum.

P0340 cam sensor code in 2006 cruiser
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Old 04 Jun 2011, 09:10 pm
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Default Re: troubleshooting help codes 340/1193

I have an 01 Pt Cruiser that did the same thing to me, except right after the engine light came on the tach went crazy too then it just died. We have replaced the crank position sensor, the cam position sensor, we have checked the coil pack and still won't start. My husband has discovered that there is no spark.......any suggestions would be appreicated!
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Old 04 Jun 2011, 09:21 pm
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Default Re: troubleshooting help codes 340/1193

Did you use Chrysler sensors or aftermarket ? PT don't like aftermarket
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Old 04 Jun 2011, 10:39 pm
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Default Re: troubleshooting help codes 340/1193

That's true, for all electronics make sure and get factory parts not aftermarket.
Welcome to the site, i'm danny my pt is Eve and we say hello from san antonio.
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Old 04 Jun 2011, 11:29 pm
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Default Re: troubleshooting help codes 340/1193

ever the after market will fire they just usually don't last very long no spark has to be the coil???? they very seldom go out maybe the computer not sending the right signal
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