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Am I being Ripped Off?

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Old 17 Apr 2009, 08:39 am
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Angry Am I being Ripped Off?

My wife was driving our 01 PT the other day, she says the engine started "sputtering" and she heard a squeal like what a worn drive belt would sound like, I had just replaced the radiator a couple weeks earlier due to the pt overheating, so she checked the temp. gauge and it was not overheating, she pulled off the road and shut the engine off and then turned the key forward to see what the lights and gauges were doing. She called me to find out what she should do, and after 5 minutes with the engine off the temperature gauge started rising, all the way to H. When I arrived it would not start, it just clicked, so I towed it home and hooked up my battery charger for a few minutes and tried again, this time it tried to turn over but still wouldn't start, I ran the ignition on off on etc. diagnosis and there were no codes, but while spending all day checking wiring, relays, fuses and anything else I could think of, I noticed some coolant dripping from the splash guard underneath the car, but just assumed that I had maybe knocked a hose loose when I was pulling it, so I just decided to have it towed to a local shop to be diagnosed. The shop called a few hours later and told me that the water pump had seized causing the timing belt to jump which in turn was causing no compression, and gave me an estimate of $1480 to replace the water pump, timing belt, seals, and tensioner. I called the local Chrysler dealership and told them my story and was given an estimate of $1460 to do all that was mentioned earlier and replace the motor mounts as well. I read on one of the forums about a 2001 that needed the same repairs and their Chrysler dealer did it for $750 (I think it was in South Carolina).

I know that different dealerships will charge different rates but a $750 difference?
Correct me if I'm wrong but my 2001 non turbo 2.4's water pump is gear driven not belt driven, is the scenario above even possible?
I've considered doing the work myself (especially since the parts are only $200-$250, compared to $1500), but I'm not sure how I could, only using an engine hoist and jacks/ jackstands...
Does anyone else think that something isn't right, if so do you know of a trustworthy auto shop (I know it may be an oxymoron) in Tampa Fl?

sorry about the length of my post, I was trying to be thorough,
and I have searched this, and other forums looking for help but to no avail...
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Old 17 Apr 2009, 09:18 am
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Default Re: Am I being Ripped Off?

The scenario is plausible. The thing you didn't say is what your mileage is. If it's around 90-100k then you should do all that's mentioned. I bought the parts from RockAuto (Vendor on this forum) for $273 and asked around for prices. private mechanic wanted $680, two dealers (both under the same ownership but different towns) wanted $760 and $890. I spoke with the mechanic that does the timing belts on PT's at the lowest dealer and he impressed me with exactly what had to be done and knew all the mistakes people make when doing their own. I choose him. They found the Camshaft seal leaking but since everything was already apart is was 2 seals and 1/2 hour labor more.

Keep searching around for prices and ask questions, especially if they have done it before. With all the info given on this site, I sure wouldn't advise you to try it yourself.

I'm too far north of you to recommend my dealer but one of my clubs is in Tampa and you can go to our forum and ask them for a recommendation. The main sponsor of the club in Tampa is Dayton Andrew's Chrysler dealer on Gulf to bay Blvd. They might recommend him and you might be able to get a discount of some sort if you say something about belonging to The Tampa Bay Cruisers Club (say you just joined). Joining is free, just introduce yourself to the forum and say "hi". No dues and it's a great club. Meet about once a week in Tampa at different places to eat and enjoy the company of other cruiser owners. The site: Tampa Bay PT Crusier Club - Home Page The forum part is under the heading "Messages".

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Old 17 Apr 2009, 10:14 am
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Default Re: Am I being Ripped Off?

well as usall crewzin covered it all really well
Im thinking you will never get it for that $750 we all wish that was the case but man that timing belt is way down in there I like the motor mounts replaced idea I called a deal in Rolla just to see what they would say and they are in the $1300--$1500 depending one what they find so i guess it is just do it there way but it sure bites
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Old 20 Apr 2009, 10:49 am
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Default Re: Am I being Ripped Off?

That price is not unreasonable. I had the water pump and timing belt replaced as part of regular maintenance. I was quoted prices from $850.00 - $1050.00. It apears that you need additional work done. Most of this cost is labor.
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Old 21 Apr 2009, 07:15 am
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Default Re: Am I being Ripped Off?

I appreciate your responses, I have checked around locally and that price is pretty typical... I was informed the day after I posted this that the head gasket is blown as well, so now repair cost is over $3600... It's crazy because for a few months I've slowly been replacing the cooling system parts, and all had been replaced except for the water pump, even had a pressure test on the system after I replaced the radiator and everything was fine, then three weeks later a $3600 problem...ridiculous
Any way, looks like I'm going to have the car towed back home and see if I can find a turbo engine and pcm, or rebuild the one that's blown since $3600 may as well be a million dollars to me right now, I just spent all my money trying to make the car run better...know anyone selling their pt turbo engine?
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Old 21 Apr 2009, 11:43 am
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Default Re: Am I being Ripped Off?

PCM? Don't get it..

and might have someone with a lead on a motor..
I make people mad.. Its what I'm good at..
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