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Starting Problems

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Old 18 Apr 2009, 08:04 pm
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Angry Starting Problems

I had a used engine put in under warranty in Dec.
The used engine apparently came with the main wiring harness but it was damaged. They broke mine all up removing it from the car so they had to repair the new one and I no longer have a stage 1 kit or blowoff from my turbo. Since I got this car back from the garage I have had more problems than anyone could ever imagine.
3 weeks after I got the car back I have had to boost it every morning and anytime it sits over 2 hours. This is going on way too long as I've been fighting with the garage and they refuse to do anything unless they install another engine and charge me another 29 hours labour to do so.
I am getting no battery light on the dash, no error codes when I do the key trick, the battery reads 12.37 volts before I boost it and after I boost the car and put the meter across the battery it is showing 14.5 so the alternator appears good and I would think the battery is good.
I can't remeber if I am supposed to have a hood light but there is a switch on the driver side under the bonnet and when I put the meter on it I read 5v. I have no light now that much I know. When I move this wire my driving lights come on.
I do get full illumination on my interior lights and everything and the battery is at 12v. so this no start thing is kinda weird. I don't know if a good battery should be higher than 12 volts or something like that and my battery is just a touch down from where it should be or if it's more of a wiring problem. I get the chatter when I turn the key before I put the cables on it.
Any help would be great.
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Old 18 Apr 2009, 11:44 pm
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Default Re: Starting Problems

Seems quite obvious to me that you have a short in the repaired wiring harness.
Why on earth they would think another engine would be a solution escapes me... how could the engine be the fault for draining the battery?
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Old 19 Apr 2009, 04:05 pm
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Default Re: Starting Problems

There is no light under the hood and what your looking at is part of the security system that came with the early years PT Cruiser so the horn would sound when and if the hood was open when the car was locked. Chrysler did away with that part of the security system as a cost saving measure. It used to have a plunger type thing that was pushed down and "armed" when the hood was shut and everything was was locked up.

I agree with QSD that your new/patched up wiring harness is probably your problem.

The "chatter" your hearing is when the battery voltage get just low enough to not be able to turn the starter. The starter takes more power from the battery than anything else. If the voltage drops to a particular low point, the starter will try to engage but there's just not enough power to turn it over. You'll still have lights and horn and radio, all of which take less power than the starter just not enough to start the car.
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Old 19 Apr 2009, 07:15 pm
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Default Re: Starting Problems

Well so far here is what I have found.
When I disconnected the neg. cable and went to put it back on I am getting spark.
I reconnected the neg to the battery and took off the positive.
I then put my meter on the neg terminal and the pos. cable not including the pos terminal on the battery.
I could see the short plain as day.
I then removed everything from the PDC and Fuse Box one at a time.
The short stayed. When I turned my headlight switch on the short dropped but I don't think that would have nything to do with it because it is only a switch so that just shows me it is working. I think.
I guess tomorrow I will start with all fuses removed fromt he PDC and Fuse Panel as well as any sensors I can reach and begin plugging in one thing at a time to see if I can recreate the short.
Once I get there I can start to trace but sweet honerable this is nuts.
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Old 21 Apr 2009, 05:49 am
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Default Re: Starting Problems

Originally Posted by 2003gt View Post
When I turned my headlight switch on the short dropped.
It's called the "Mutifunction switch" (because it controls headlight, turn signals) and it often goes bad, and can drain your battery.
That COULD be your problem.
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