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Pt shut off while driving!

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Old 16 Jun 2009, 11:36 pm
Cool Cruiser
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Default Re: Pt shut off while driving!

so there are no definite symptoms for a broken timing belt?
Absolutely - the car won't run at all. It doesn't sound right when cranking. Sort of a gasping sound.

Looking at the belt cover visible on the passenger side of the motor (its a grey plastic deal that is directly on the side of the motor) - you can see a rubbery plug on the outboard side. If you take out that plug you can see the gears on the end of the camshaft. Have a friend crank the motor while looking in that hole with a flashlight. If the gears turn - its not the timing belt.

Just a quickie note - My PT (2004) started just fine without the cam sensor even connected. Didn't run right at all but it started right up. My wifes 2001 got the same code and it turned out to be the timing belt.
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Old 17 Jun 2009, 01:42 pm
Young Cruiser
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Default Re: Pt shut off while driving!

Remember, you need the triangle to get the engine to spit fire.

1) Fuel
- on the passenger side of the firewall there is a fuel line disconnect. Pop the quick disconnect and slide it up slightly, if you get some spillage, you have fuel.

2) Spark
- Pull a plug wire and take a long scredriver and put it in the plug making contact with the metal at the end of the wire (do not damage the crimp...make sure your screwdriver is small enough). Then carefully lean the screwdriver near the valve cover or other metal area of the engine (make sure you are not near or sparking to a fuel line for obvious reasons ...) and have your helper crank the engine. If you get a spark jump, then you have spark.

3) Air
- pull the air filter cover and filter and put your hand near the intake and have your helper crank the engine abit and see if you feel suction there. If you have suction then you have air.

IF you have any one of these missing, look elsewhere besides the timing belt. If you are missing none of these then if timing is correct and your sensors are functioning properly and reporting to the PCM correctly it will fire up. If you are good on all three of these look to the timing belt (it can slip as the tensioner ages, the belt doesn't always break, it's what happened to mine), the sensors or the PCM (usually in that order).
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