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Stalling but not Dying

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Old 08 Oct 2009, 11:40 am
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Default Stalling but not Dying

Stalling but not Dying

Hello I have a 2006 base model with automatic. The car has about 41,000 miles on it and this summer developed an intermittent problem that has gotten progressively worse. The car will all of a sudden "bog down" like I am running out of gas. Usually when this happens holding the accelerator all the way down the engine fumbles for a few seconds and then takes off. At first I thought that maybe it was a stuck injector because putting a bottle of fuel cleaner seem to fix the problem and would not happen again for weeks. In the last 2 weeks it has happened several times. I bought the car used with 1600 miles on it an have never had to do anything to the car except regular oil changes. The check engine light did come on for awhile and I pulled the code of 2097. searching the forum it indicates a rear O2 sensor. No other codes come up.
As I mentioned I have been trying to find a pattern it happens in all conditions and types of driving. This morning was the worse as I went from 65 to 25 mph in traffic.
I currently have about a qtr tank of gas but have run it to the light a couple of times. I checked my tail pipe when I parked and it is white inside it is usually the normal black. I have not seen any smoke.

BTW: the check engine light is no longer on.

Sorry for the long post but I need to tear into this issue this weekend and not sure where to start.

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Old 08 Oct 2009, 01:13 pm
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Default Re: Stalling but not Dying

Welcome to the forum.

If you bought it with 1600 and now have 41K and never did anything but oil changes, the first thing you want to do is change the spark plugs and plug wires. That could solve your problems right away. There's a guide on top of the Tech & Performance section and although it's basically for the early models, the major steps are there for your model. You have no EGR pipe so there's a couple steps you don't have to do. For the non-turbo a good plug is the Champion Double Platinum #7570 and any good set of plug wires will do (Don't buy the wires from the Chrysler dealer unless they carry the MOPAR Performance set). Also make sure you change the air filter. That in itself will cause the engine to bog if it's stopping enough air from getting to the engine.
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Old 09 Oct 2009, 10:26 am
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Default Re: Stalling but not Dying

I put a full tank in last night and did not have any problems. I will order the plug wires and plugs and replace those first. I will also check the air filter (I have replaced it once before). Maybe a good time to try the airbox mod and K&N filter.

I will post back after completed.

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Old 09 Oct 2009, 11:36 am
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Default Re: Stalling but not Dying

The light colored tailpipe kind of makes me curious, that is typically a sign of too lean a mixture (on todays cars). So I would be equally suspicous of the air filter or even a restriction in the air intake system. Let us know how/if a new filter helps.
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Old 16 Oct 2009, 11:02 am
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Default Re: Stalling but not Dying

I did check the air cleaner and it is in good shape. I have not done the plugs and wires as of yet but will soon. The only thing that I have done is change gas stations. I was buying the cheapest gas in town and since then have put 2 tanks of Shell regular in at about $.25 more per gallon. I have not had the problem since and the check engine light has gone back off.

FYI I have been running the cheap gas in this car for about 6 months, but if this is the fix I will take it.
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