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New here - Experiencing some real issues with my PT Cruiser

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Old 15 Oct 2009, 09:10 am
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Exclamation New here - Experiencing some real issues with my PT Cruiser

1st off I must say I absolutely love it here. First time registering but have been looking around for awhile now. I bought my cruiser a few months back for $5k.
An '03 black base model automatic. Right off the bat needed fluids changed and motor mounts fixed before being to drive it, but I thought great for the price considering its mileage.

Now its at a bit under 50k miles (48k and change) and hasnt had any major issues of yet. Im getting great gas mileage, etc.... But Ive kept getting an error code popping up:

P0441 - Incorrect Purge Flow - Insufficient or excessive vapor flow detected during evaporative emission system operation

Thats what I got when I looked it up. Ignored it for a bit as it comes and comes without issue (check engine light goes off)

Last few times its come on though with said error, Ive noticed that my car will occasionally have a rougher idle than usual, and if its been sitting overnight (basically Ive noticed if it gets cold) then when I start it up the first and last times of the day its noticably rougher to drive (i.e. feels sluggish, and usual the RPM guage is pushed up to 3 before it'll go past 20MPH. Like I said, just feels sluggish, not jumpy or anything, but wont really accelerate past 20 or so until Ive been driving it a bit - assuming it kicks back in to normal when it warms up a bit)

Last time the light went on then off, I got a new error code accompanying this one:

P0132 - 02 Sensor 1/1 High - Oxygen sensor 1/1 input voltage maintined above normal operating range

Also noticed occasionally if Im running alot i.e. radio, ac, lights, etc my lights tend to have a flicker in them - again, worse when the cars cold, pretty much fine when everything warms up.

Any idea exactly what I may be looking at here, and anything in terms of cost? Don't really have experience in cars (computer person myself) but kind of extremely strapped for cash and fearing the worst.

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Old 15 Oct 2009, 09:47 am
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Default Re: New here - Experiencing some real issues with my PT Cruiser

Welcome to the forum Jeff.

As far as your code P0441, read this:

Code P0441

Your other code P0132 should be the upstream oxygen sensor. That's the one directly behind the engine above the exhaust manifold.

Can't tell you about the price. Depends on hourly labor and parts prices. Looks like for one a visit to a mechanic with a scanner is needed.
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Old 15 Oct 2009, 10:29 am
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Default Re: New here - Experiencing some real issues with my PT Cruiser

Trying to reset with battery disconnect now to see if it comes back with todays driving. If so, repair time. Cant for the life of me find the measurement of the nut on the neg terminal
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Old 15 Oct 2009, 07:49 pm
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Default Re: New here - Experiencing some real issues with my PT Cruiser

P0441- is 90% of the time a loose gas cap

you can get an o2 sensor for $60 and only take an hour to change... The whole fuel system runs on vaccum (58 psi i think) if the cap is off/loose the vaccume cant complete and the whole system could be off (ie running rich) and caused the problem w/ the o2.

The lack of vaccume could explain your acceleration issues as your pcm is trying to adjust (add/subtract) fuel but has trouble controling it if not at 58psi.

I was just thinking out loud, sorry

This is my turbo History:
Stock turbo (1 year)
Big Wheel Stocker (3 Months)
50trim (2 Weeks)
Stage 3 (3 months)
Big Wheel Stage 3 (6 months) my Fav
Holset HX35 (6 months) 700whp turbo
Stock turbo its a daily driver now

I've done this once or twice before...
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