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Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

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Old 11 Feb 2010, 12:43 am
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Default Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

Hello All

I just got turned away from Firestone Complete Auto Care for an oil change... it's time, and they had a 19.99 sale.

He told me that they will not change the oil cause I need a new oil pan. He tells me there is a cork like plug in my oil pan that has a bolt on it that pulls it tight and is supposed to seal it. He tells me that they fall out, fail, and whatnot all the time and cannot touch the car cause of this.

I cannot afford to put a new oil pan on the car at this moment, I am on unemployment with no job in sight. I live in downtown St. Louis, which is Urban to it's core and there is no where I can do it myself.

Is anyone aware of a place that will change my oil, with this cork like plug that is in place due to the oil pan being stripped out? This is a new to me car, and the first I am hearing that I have this problem.

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Old 11 Feb 2010, 07:26 am
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Default Re: Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

In a search for the same problem you have, I found this:

It is not strictly necessary to replace the whole oil pan, the threads can, sometimes, be repaired and a new drain plug installed. There is also a rubber plug that you can get at any parts store. It comes with a tool that you can install and remove it with. It does not rely on threads so it can be used no matter how bad it is stripped out. Oil pan replacement is a last resort.

So, stop by a couple of the nearest auto parts stores and see what they have in the way of a rubber plug that can replace what you have. They shouldn't cost much ($5 +). Then look around for an advertisement for a cheaper oil change. My KIA dealer for my wife's RONDO just sent a coupon for a $14.95 oil change and full 28 point inspection. When you find a place ask in advance about replacing the "cork like" plug that you have with the new part.
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Old 11 Feb 2010, 07:37 am
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Default Re: Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

Stop in an auto parts store and ask for a reasonable mechanic. I don't think it's as bad as Firestone made it sound.
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Old 11 Feb 2010, 08:22 am
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Default Re: Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

To my thinking, the threads may have been stripped, possibly by one of those "Quickie" oil change places. I am lucky enough to have a garage nearby, that will change my oil & filter with the synthetic oil I bring. I am allowed to stand out there and watch them do the change and check out everything, boots, tire pressure etc.

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Old 11 Feb 2010, 09:58 am
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Default Re: Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

"Quickie" oil change places give true mechanics a bad name. I am not a mechanic myself but I have worked in a fabrication shop for 23 years. There are welders and there are dobbers. Look around and find a shop that will tell you with confidance that they can solve your problem without replacing the oil pan. Once you find this shop, compliment the business and tell them that "real mechanics" are hard to find and you are glad that you have found one. Tell them that you will be back and they will remember you. These guy's will go out of their way to take care of you in the future. The only thing these guy's usually hear is complaints.

Some auto parts stores also carry "self tapping, oversize oil drain plugs" that I have had success with. They usually come with a teflon or silicone gasket that will help seal the opening.

Good luck and keep us informed!
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Old 11 Feb 2010, 07:23 pm
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Default Re: Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

Somebody in the past apparently stripped the threads on the pan with the original plug and installed what sounds like a a toggle style replacement plug. There are a number of proper ways to repair this without replacing the entire pan. As mentioned, there are self-threading oversize plugs available. Also, Timesert makes a replacement kit. If the guys at the auto care place were helpful they would have mentioned these options to you instesd of turning away business...find another repair shop.
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Old 17 Feb 2010, 10:07 pm
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Default Re: Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

So I just went to Valvoline Instant Oil change, and they did the job for me. They said I had a PanSavr Brand oil plug / cork in it, and I should replace it every 4 oil changes (8.99) to ensure that it holds a good seal. Had a coupon so my damage was only 21.64
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Old 18 Feb 2010, 10:31 am
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Default Re: Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

It's always good to go to, if you don't have a trusted mechanic a place that doesn't do repairs like Valvoline/Jiffy lube kind of place. They may try to hose you for a set of overpriced wiper blades and air filter but they won't try to bend you over for a new oil pan repair job. I also like it because they let me under the car if I want to see whats going on. Places like Firestone and Pet boys are always looking to turn you oil change into a big expensive repair.
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Old 23 Feb 2010, 08:10 pm
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Default Re: Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

heli-coil it.....
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Old 24 Aug 2010, 11:23 am
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Default Re: Just got turned away for oil change 2001 PT Cruiser

Went to a DEALER after getting oil changes at Monro last few times, dealer wanted to charge 350 for a new oil pan, Monro contacted and said they use larger bolts that self-tap as mentioned in previous posts, dealer did so and charged me $109 for labor. Never going there for oil changes again, went for inspection and NOTHING ELSE was wrong, so I guess they needed to make some $$$.
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