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Old 14 May 2010, 04:57 pm
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Default HOW TO's

Was searching the web and found these....

How To: Troubleshooting Error Codes: Troubleshooting PT Cruiser Error Codes

How to Replace a Radiator on a PT Cruiser |

How To: Repair a tear in a black bumper: Repaired Tear In My Front Bumper.

How to Install a Starter in a Chrysler PT |

How to Install a Bumper Cover on a PT Cruiser |

How To: Add Fog lights How to add Fog lights to your PT. (Guide)

How to Remove a Radiator From a PT Cruiser |

How to Remove a Battery From a PT Cruiser |

How to Remove the Steering Wheel From a PT Cruiser |

01-05 Center Dash/Console Removal

How to: 2007 stereo removal and dash speaker install.

How to: Open the Hood When the Cable Breaks

How To: Timing belt replacement on wifes 2006 NA

How To: ever replace timing belt in a pt cruiser - Tampa Racing

How To: Replacing the timing belt 2.4L (without a lift!) -Detail instructions

How to: Timing belt hints and tricks:

How to: Timming Belt Change Help-Getting to tensioner


The radiator fan fix

How to: Air filter box modification

06 Motor Mount Replacement Save $$$

How To replace the Lower Control Arm:

Headlight housing change out

How To: Camshaft Sensor Replacement:

How to: Change the Thermostat

How to: Wheel Bearing Replacement

How to: Headgasket R&R

How to Repair the Multifunction Switch w/ Pictures (Fog Lights)

How To: Aluminum can fix for the Fog Lights: The "Handy" Aluminum Can Mod To Fix Fog Lights.

How To: Another MFS fix: How I fixed my MFS. The final confessions of an MFS junkie!

How To: Change the Multifunction Switch. **Multifunction Switch How-To Video**

How To: Radiator Fan fix.

How to: Removing the fan and housing 01-05 PT

How To: Repair Radiator Fan. Steps with pics for REPAIRING rad-a/c fan

How to: Battery Cable Assembly...

How to: 2006-Up Pt Cruiser Spark Plug Removal.

How to: PT Dash Lamp Replacement


How to: 2nd Horn Installation

How to: Replace the Instrument Cluster.

How to: Remove the upper motor mount. How to remove upper motor mount video

How to: How Do You Remove The Vanity Mirror Bulb

How To: Overheating and fan testing:

How to: Replace the Power Steering Pump

How to: Air Box Modification: How to: Air filter box modification

How to: Install a Boost Gauge: BOOST GAUGE TUTORIAL (Up dash mount)

How To: Change the CRANKSHAFT Sensor on the 2004+ PT Cruiser. 05 GT trying to change out Crank Sensore. Need help please

How to: How to: Change Rear Brakes

How to: Headgasket R&R ... Headgasket R&R

How To: Replace brake pads and rotors: Caliper mounting bracket bolt size

How To: PTGT 2003 Radiator Fan replacement: PT GT 03 Radiator Fan Solution

How To: Remove the Radiator: How to; Remove Radiator

MOPAR Connector Repair Kit Website:

How To: Air Conditioning Performance Test: Air Conditioner Performance Tests

How To: Test the Two Speed Fan: 08 Air Conditioner Issue

How To: Test the radiator fan: Replaced Radiator Fan Assembly - Still no fan movement

How To: PT Cruiser 2001-2010 WIKIAUTO Maintenance, Service Repair Video's:

How To: Get the spare Tire Out: How to get at the spare wheel

How To: Power Window switch disassembly: Power window switch disassembly Part 1

How To: Replacing the alternator: Alternator change

How To: How to: Aftermarket steering wheel

How To: Diagnose a short: How to Diagnose a Short in your Car

How to: HOW TO: Front Wheel bearing/hub replacement

How To: Vacuum Down and then Charge your A/C Ststem. HOW TO VACUUM DOWN & CHARGE YOUR A/C SYSTEM

How To: Change the Thermostat: How to Change your Thermostat [Video]

How To: Remove upper dash, bezel and speedometer for 2001-2005: Removing upper dash, bezels, and speedometer!

How To: Information on After Market Replacement Springs:

How To: Power Window Switch disassembly 01-05: Power window switch disassembly Part 1

How to: Install gas struts on the hood of a PT Cruiser:

How To: Rear Disk Brake Upgrade: The Handy Rear Disc Brake Upgrade

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Old 14 May 2010, 05:05 pm
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Default Re: How to's

Great find Carey! I added each one to my "favorites" just in case.


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Old 14 May 2010, 05:10 pm
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Default Re: How to's


"the people should not fear their government, the government should fear the people"- Thomas Jefferson
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