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Strange Electrical problem

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Old 27 May 2010, 08:43 am
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Default Strange Electrical problem

A/C compressor is getting no power. I was working when I ran into the store, nothing, nada, zilch when I came back out. My car has been acting funny lately with things like doors locking when I hit the brakes, Dash bings and brake dummy light comes on, now the Compressor doesn't come on.... ANy help, would be greatly appreciated. I live in the Mohave Desert and A/C is a life saver.
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Old 27 May 2010, 08:51 am
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Default Re: Strange Electrical problem

Welcome to the forum.

It would be nice if you introduced yourself and the more information about your PT (year and mileage etc.) the better understanding we would have to help you.

When lots of things begin happening that don't seem to be related, sometimes the owner finds out that the battery is starting to go bad. Have that checked out. The compressor, if not turning, could have a number of causes the most likely being low on R134a. The high pressure switch (on the compressor) would see a lack of pressure and shut the system down. That's another thing you need to have checked out at a shop that specializes in A/C. Most shops will do a free check of your system in hopes of selling you parts or a refill of your system.
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Old 21 Mar 2011, 11:21 pm
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Unhappy Re: Strange Electrical problem

I have a 2010 PT Cruiser automatic with 10,000 miles on it. Last Saturday, start car, no headlights, no windshield wipers, no turn signals, no rear wiper either. Radio and heat were OK. I took it in, they fixed it, but the next day the same problem would occur, but erratically..... if I started the car and drove ten feet, then all would be working again. So I took it back. They couldn't duplicate the problem so they did nothing. So now, Monday morning, my first day at a new job, pouring down rain at 7am....... no headlights and no wipers. So it's back at the dealer's again. Anybody have this problem? At least I'm still warrantied and there's no charges ... so far!
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Old 22 Mar 2011, 07:18 am
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Default Re: Strange Electrical problem


Sorry your having problems with a brand new PT. All your symptoms are pointing to something bad in the two stalks on your steering column. They control everything your having problems with. They look like this...

You might have a bad ground or bad connection. All the wires run down the steering column itself and some owners found that the wiring harness was pinched or not making good contact at the connection.

Have the dealer check out the harness. Have them pull the coverings off the column and test out the harness and look for signs that the harness was damaged or pinched or any loose connections. When the coverings are off, move the steering up and down with the adjustment and watch the harness to see if it moves and being stretched.

Good luck and don't leave the shop till it's fixed. It's a brand new car and those problems could be life threatening if the headlights or wipers stopped working when you were traveling down the road. Make sure you keep all the documentation that the problem is happening and they can't find anything so you can sue their (behind) if anything happens. Tell them that too.

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Old 22 Mar 2011, 07:49 am
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Default Re: Strange Electrical problem

windsblow - ditto what Crewzin said, I recently had a very similar experience. Odd things started happening, my stereo would just fade out and then shut off, my door would unlock, my headlights, well that was what bothered me the most, they seemd to strobe to the beat of my music. But then I turned off the stereo and they kept strobing.

Went to Advance Auto, as they had a same size battery with more power to it (group size 26R, CCA higher than factory) and they tested my battery and sure enough, one dead cell. Replaced it and 5 minutes later all those weird glitches were gone. I thought there was no way it could be the battery because it was holding a good charge, but the problem was one cell was sucking the life out of everything. Battery is only as good as it's weakest cell.

Advance Auto and others will test your battery for free.

LindaInOregon - ditto what Crewzin says! He knows, he is the ObiWan Kenobi of PT's. I was on a business trip to Indianapolis, driving down the street with my step-sister in the car and all lights went out. Then headlights came back on but not the tail lights. So was heading back to NC next day and thought I'd just wait to get home. As I was crossing over the Blue Ridge and the Smokies, ended up having to pull off at a gas station as it was pouring down rain and now wipers. Was no way to continue driving in that rain. Ended up sleeping a couple of hours there until the rain slowed to where I could drive home. Dropped by the dealership, they swapped the MFS out, and sure enough, all worked fine.

Last edited by Chromenut; 22 Mar 2011 at 07:52 am.
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Old 22 Mar 2011, 09:11 am
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Default Re: Strange Electrical problem

Linda, first, define "they fixed it". What did they do? Second, yes, it's probably the MFS.

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