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a/c problem

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Old 07 Jun 2010, 12:46 am
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Unhappy a/c problem

i own a 2006 pt cruiser classic, 62k mile, i bought this car brand new from the dealer 3 years ago and enjoyed driving it since, lately the A/C quit working and started blowing hot air(not worm ) when i took it to the dealer, they suggested replacing the whole ac system !! and that would cost me 1700$, yes 1700$, i cant offord that much.
i live in AZ and A/C is a must, i would fix it my self but i need some help from you guys, is there a better option than replacing the compressor !, and if i replace the compressor how do i collect the 134a gas instead of venting it to the air ?
can you provide an image of how to replace the compressor!

btw, the dealer is suggesting that the compressor is dead and there is a chance some parts went loose in the system from the compressor, that's why he is trying to replace everything else . dryer condensor oriface and the whole 9 yards !
thx in advance
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Old 07 Jun 2010, 09:14 am
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Default Re: a/c problem

I would get a 2nd opinion.

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Old 07 Jun 2010, 10:55 am
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Default Re: a/c problem

2nd opinion !!, first one cost me 80$. no thanks.
i had an old ford before this one and when the a/c went bad. i took it to a mechanic shop (that was family trusted one :| and he also charged me 80$ for testing the system )
i already opened the dashboard and center console and found nothing wrong with fan or the controls, high and low speed fan working fine, add to that i did a full test to the fuse box for damaged or blown out fuses and no problems there.

right now i just need the instructio of how to replace the compressor. if that is possible

i found that i can vacume the 134a coolent by a vac unit i can either buy or borrow from autozone ! which is really good.

i was wondering, in case i needed, where is the exact location of the oriface ? it is only 18$ to replace

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Old 07 Jun 2010, 01:58 pm
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Default Re: a/c problem

Quit being cheap and get a second opinion. When your a/c quits working, the problem is not automatically a failed compressor.

You're going to spend more than another $80 for a new compressor and renting the special equipment to evac and recharge the system, and what if that's not the problem?

It's possible that the condensor has failed and leaked the freon out. If that's what happened, it may have seized your compressor for lack of oil. Or perhaps one of the lines is leaking and you simply need to replace a line.

Find out what the problem is before you throw expensive parts at it! $80 could save you hundreds!
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Old 07 Jun 2010, 03:17 pm
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Default Re: a/c problem

Most places around here (I use one called Ice Cold Air) have signs all over the place saying that checking out the system if FREE. Of course they want to find something wrong and sell you the parts and labor but you don't have to do anything but say thanks and do it yourself, if possible. Check around for a FREE check.
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Old 08 Jun 2010, 08:35 am
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Default Re: a/c problem

i'll take another opinion and will try to get it free this time ! i used to see the signs for free ac check up and never though i might use it

now i'll be back next saturday to do the check and will let you know. i wish it is an easy fix (fingures crossed )
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Old 08 Jun 2010, 08:48 am
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Default Re: a/c problem

Usually, the first time A/C stops is that it needs a refrigerant charge.
The dealer is being totally ridiculous in replacing everything.
Tell them that because they were so greedy they will get nothing (other than the $80).
When you go for second opinion, don't mention you had been to dealer first....
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Old 08 Jun 2010, 09:07 am
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Default Re: a/c problem

As stated, it might just be the refrigerant. It is a sealed system so you really shouldn't but it happens. A can of gas goes for about $10-20 so try putting some gas in and see if the compressor comes on. If it does you have a leak in the system. Depending how bad the leak is a can of gas my last as little as a day or as much as a year or more. If the compressor doesn't come on then it is the compressor. $10 is a pretty cheap fix and it's easy. Some gas has a dye in it so you can see a leak. Some has a sealant to fix small leaks. In any case, find out if it is the compressor or not. Good luck
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Old 08 Jun 2010, 09:08 am
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Default Re: a/c problem

2006 TIPM's have been known to fail. This would cause you to not have any a/c. When you turn on the a/c, does the light come on? Check to see if your compressor clutch is engaging. Make sure your low pressure switch is working.
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Old 08 Jun 2010, 11:45 am
Young Cruiser
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Default Re: a/c problem

i thought that the dealer would check for leaks but anyway my cousin had the same concerns and we went and bought a uv leak detector 134a can and tried to add to the system
not only the system had a full charge, there was no leak anywhere !(we overfilled the system a little bit so we can see if leaks are present and then we vented it out. i know it is wrong but it is only a little bit honestly ! (and it isnt freon )
that's right it is a 2006 but dont forget there is 62k miles on it too and i did that in 3 years only as i bought it in 2007

for 767skyking i'm not sure what lights you're talking about, but all lights are working normally, you can here the compressor clutch bump when turning the ac on and high speed fan goes on. how can i know if the low pressure switch is working or not.

anyway as i said i will be taking it to the mechanic this weekend and meanwhile i will drive on different path every day from work to home so that i can find a free ac check sign xD (i must find one, 30 mile one way trip is not a short distance )
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