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Got a 2007 Cruiser, need some advice.

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Old 30 Jun 2010, 08:30 pm
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Default Got a 2007 Cruiser, need some advice.

Hi All, I am new to the forum but have been reading a bunch.

I bought a 2007 PT cruiser automatic transmission last week with 47 miles on it. I work for U-Haul as an engineering analyst and it was a car we were going to use for our U-Car share program in San Francisco. The car share program had some problems and the car never got rented. By the time the decision was made to shut the program down in the area and sell the vehicles it is now 2010 and I had it shipped here to Tempe, AZ and I purchase it from my work.

I am still in the break in period but after that I want to do upgrades that carry the most bang for the buck. I have been reading about the mixed opinions of air intake systems and am trying to figure out the best way to go there. For me the sound is nice and if there is a performance increase then that is great.

I have been looking at the AirRaid system and the K&N, what are your thoughts on these?

If get iridium plugs which are best? What wires, if any, should I also replace at the same time?

Is a throttle body spacer pointless? Are they hype or do they help performance?

And lastly, do speed holes in the hood help like Homer Simpson claims they do? That was a great episode.

Thanks for any feedback on biggest bang for the buck mods.
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Old 30 Jun 2010, 09:34 pm
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Cool Re: Got a 2007 Cruiser, need some advice.

In order...
-I have the AirRaid on my 2006 na. I get a much better pedal response, and a nice "growl" on accel. But, this does not affect HP or torgue. It simply opens the breathing. So, whatever system you choose, make sure it is a "cold air intake".

-Plugs? Depends on if its a turbo or non-aspirated (na)

-Trottle body spacer is useless...period! (Hype for the PT) If you want more power....get a turbo; or upgrade to a turbo, and/or "Stage" it.

-Finally - who is Homer Simpson???? Is he in the Obma administration?

2003 PT Cruiser GT Panel Van Conversion as new day driver.

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Old 01 Jul 2010, 08:32 am
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Default Re: Got a 2007 Cruiser, need some advice.

Agree with Sooner - except that Homer was the science advisor for Bush.
Wires are DEFINITELY needed. The stock ones are crap - just about any brand name is better. - try RaceAndStreet.
The AirAid (I had on my '02) DOES give better throttle response, and I am quite sure it helps gas mileage, as I did quite well.
I got my K&N used from a PT Forum, and it replaces more of the intake than the AirAid, and I'm getting 25MPG OVERALL over 87,000 miles (on regular gas with a turbo lite and auto).
Keep tires inflated - I go 2-3 PSI over the door sticker, and I can feel it getting a little sluggish when tires are low, and it impacts mileage also.
The spacer is best used as a paper weight - it made sense on carbureted cars, not multi-point fuel injection.
Gap plugs at 0.040.
Irridiumm plugs will last longer, are good in any PT, but you won't get more power.
You can also look on forums for exhausts - stainless used ones are good as new and cheaper, and, again, they seem to help mileage (or at least can't hurt.....
Also - CHANGE THE OIL - and put synthetic in - it's worth the extra $ - there may be few miles, but a lot of condensation from sitting for years.
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Traded in '02 Silver Touring Edition w/87,000 miles
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Old 01 Jul 2010, 10:40 am
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Default Re: Got a 2007 Cruiser, need some advice.

Sweet guys, I appreciate the responses. Now I know where to start.
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Old 01 Jul 2010, 12:30 pm
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Default Re: Got a 2007 Cruiser, need some advice.

Originally Posted by BrandonO View Post
Sweet guys, I appreciate the responses. Now I know where to start.
I have the Airaid cold air intake and it sounds great and I think helped with MPG it also may have helped the PT be more responsive. I also have a airaid throttle body spacer that was my fathers day gift and I can say it pretty much does nothing except sound good and look sharp under the hood. When I get on my PT sounds great, I still need the exhaust to complete the package though. The throttle body looks good also but as one of the few people that has actually tried one I can say except for maybe a slight increase in throttle response and I mean slight it does pretty much nothing except sound good, my MPG stayed the same. So my advice for you is make your non turbo PT into a cool cruiser because it will never be fast. Cold air, good plugs and wires, a nice exhaust and some stuff to make it look good.

I did toast a really ugly pimped out Honda the other day on the Expressway with my PT, she does have heart. I don't usually race but this ass wipe and his dingle berry of a car pissed me off.

This was a thread I started about plugs when I first joined, I was very happy with the choice I made on wires and plugs.

E3 plugs for my PT?

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Old 02 Jul 2010, 11:39 am
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Default Re: Got a 2007 Cruiser, need some advice.

Thanks for the plugs info. Just got an Airaid cold air intake off ebay for $75! Used 2 years but has original box and in good condition. That is a smoking deal
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