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Old 01 Jul 2010, 04:46 pm
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I have a 2001 PT cruiser, and just recently (less than 2 months ago) I've replaced my head gaskets, motor mounts, got Tune-up, oil change, the thermostat replaced, battery replaced (it was a bad battery), Cam shaft sensor replaced, valves replaced, timing belt replaced, radiator replaced, and a leak replaced. I also recently replaced my battery because it stalled at start up... no problem, i replaced all of this all at once about 1 monh ago and my car ran smoothly.. 2 days ago, I was @ a stop light and my engine just shut off. I am sooo confused right now.. i just replaced sooo many things on my car, so I'm wondering WHY THE HECK DID IT SHUT OFF? This happened to me before, and it turned out to be my cam shaft sensor and I got it replaced......... Any who, when the car shut off, I was able to start it back up again with no problem. My engine light never came on so my whatever happened was never recorded, only my oil light came on.. ... My mechanic just told me to drive it around and to bring it back to him if it happens again.. but im sooo nervous i don't want to drive it around and have it shut off on me again... any ideas on what the problem may be please????? = ( I start school in 2 weeks and i would like this dilemma to be fixed b4 hand!
I've been doing research online and been told that it might be my Oxygen sensor, Crankshaft sensor, or a bad fuel pump...I'm so lost rightnow.....
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Old 01 Jul 2010, 05:33 pm
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Wow, sounds like you had a lot of problems to have all that replaced already. Hope everything was put together right.

It won't be your 02 sensor but it could be the Crankshaft sensor or fuel pump or even the Camshaft sensor that you already replaced if you didn't use a Chrysler original part. PT's don't like aftermarket cheap parts and they've been known to fail. After saying all that, the things I've listed usually give a fault light so you can try to trace the guilty part down.

In your case, I'm sorry to say, without a fault code, the best time to trace the fault is when it's not running or you can try hooking it up to a scanner to see that everything it checks is in speck.

Are you sure the computer didn't set a fault code or are yo just saying that because you didn't see the engine light? Did you try the key trick or have it tested for any faults stored?

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