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PT Random Engine Shutoff

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Old 13 Jul 2010, 02:50 pm
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Default PT Random Engine Shutoff

3 years now my local Chrysler dealer has been looking for why Peaty will shut down while driving. Lately once a week or so this happens.
2005 Convertible PTC Turbo HO 73,345 miles, usually runs like a top.
1) Engine light comes on and may start flashing
2) The next red light or turn the engine will turn off
3) Engine may or may not run rough
4) Putting in Park, Turn ignition off, start engine again and it runs great
5) OBD codes have pointed to a lot of things
6) Replaced to date are Plugs, Wires, Cam sensor

Right now they have it hooked up on a recorder to share data with Detroit.
Any words of wisdom?
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Old 13 Jul 2010, 03:30 pm
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Default Re: PT Random Engine Shutoff


Welcome to the forum. Sounds like your doing the right thing. Hopefully the recorder will pinpoint your problem. Kinda scary that it will shut down without a warning.

Too bad the engine light codes didn't come up with the right culprit for the problem but: According to PT

The blinking engine light indicates that there are 'pending' codes to be read with a scanner. They do not read on the odometer test, but are in a special section of memory that a scanner can access.
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Old 13 Jul 2010, 04:32 pm
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Default Re: PT Random Engine Shutoff

Yes most spooky on a turn an the engine shuts off now with no power steering you must complete the turn and find a place to pull over and toggle the ignition switch to start the engine again.
I have an OBD reader and codes have included cly misfire (numerous), power steering, O2 sensor, Cam sensor and others. It may be that the PCM is blaming everything else when in fact it is the computer itself that is bad.

As Grandpa used to say "The fox smells his own hole first!"
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Old 13 Jul 2010, 04:48 pm
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Default Re: PT Random Engine Shutoff

...and Gramps knows best. Virtually everything is run by the computer so it could very well be that a new PCM could be the answer to your problems.
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Old 14 Jul 2010, 01:53 pm
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Default Re: PT Random Engine Shutoff

Just to add here, a flasing check engine light does not mean there are pending codes.

When the check engine light flashes, it means there is a severe drivability problem. For instance, say you leave your gas cap off or your cam sensor were to fail. The light would come on solid.

However, say you had a single or multiple misfire which could lead to engine damage if you were to continue driving. The light would come on and flash.

NEVER drive or allow the engine to run with a flashing check engine light!
2010 PT Cruiser Classic, Deep Water Blue
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Old 14 Jul 2010, 04:13 pm
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Default Re: PT Random Engine Shutoff

Nice Blue PT heifetz17

Lets see, I have been driving with a random flashing check engine light for 3 years now, 72,398 miles. Eventually it just shuts off the engine. The Chrysler dealer mechanics and I are on a first name basis.

They have my car as I write this, recording data for Detroit engine gurus.

"NEVER drive or allow the engine to run with a flashing check engine light!"

Gee, Little Peaty and would never have got anywhere...
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Old 01 Jun 2016, 02:06 am
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Default Re: PT Random Engine Shutoff

My engine light has never flashed. My engine light comes on after every electrical diagnostic analysis says it's one thing; I get that fixed, and it comes right back on, with different codes shooting out with each reading.

They told me it was the Computer (PCM). I paid over $900 to get a new PCM. Guess what? Within days that engine light popped on again. The car sometimes drive normal while it's on.

At other times my car goes into limp mode. That's when no matter how you floor the gas pedal, the car feels like it's in neutral or 1st or 2nd shift! Sometimes during limp mode the air conditioning will start blowing out warn air.

Now, they're saying the PCM is not communicating with the transmission. They're saying it's the transmission computer! My sister had a PT also where the engine light would flash. Her car would have jerky movements and stall.

One minute codes would read certain cylinders were misfiring. But, she'd get those fixed and guess what BING! The engine light would come back on and nothing worked. She was just spending a ton of money. She finally sold it and bought a new Hyundai Elantra.

Now, she's at peace with a safe, dependable vehicle. She has a high car note. But, she has no stress and a dependable and safe vehicle. My car is paid off, but I'm stressed and stuck with this garbage non-dependable car.

Like I said, beautiful, fun cars, but they are just garbage! Your car shutting down while moving is dangerous!
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