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justinbowser 08 Sep 2010 04:47 pm

I think radiator fan has bit the dust...
Long time (8 years) lurker and really have not had much problems with the Cruiser in it's 80k lifetime. Any problems encountered I've normally have been able to solve by the manual or research on various fora but just wanted a sanity check on my troubleshooting.

'02 Touring Edition started overheating on the wife so she parked it at Wally-World. The following day I drove it home without issue. The next day I determined that all was well with the world unless I stopped AND the AC was running, temp needle climbed at an alarming rate! I pulled the low and high speed fan relays and put a jumper between 30 and 87 on each socket in the PDC. On the low speed there was no fan and on the high speed a half second "groan" then nothing. Meter shows infinite resistance on the low speed fan wires and .005 ohm on the high speed wires.

Me thinks I need a new fan or is something else I need to check? Also, any trick in unplugging the fan cable? I can't even get the fan harness plugs disconnected even after pulling out the red locking tab thingy...


Justin B.
2002 Touring Edition

CREWZIN 08 Sep 2010 05:33 pm

Re: I think radiator fan has bit the dust...

There's a "U" shaped tab on the connection that has to be lifted up as you pull the connection apart. That's after the red tab is pushed all the way to the right. Actually, I think I made that "U" upside down. You still need to pull up on it to go over the little latch that's holding the connection together. Let me know pls which way the "U" it pointing when you do it. Don't feel like jacking the car up to find out.

It sounds like you did all the proper testing for the fan. Once you get the connection apart you can put a positive wire on either side of 3 prong plug (going to the motor) and a negative wire to the center (ground) and see if the fan comes on. High on one side, low on the other. Unless you have a turbo. That's variable speed fan run by the computer. Just saw yours is an 02, so no turbo till 03.

justinbowser 08 Sep 2010 07:09 pm

Re: I think radiator fan has bit the dust...
Thanks, Crewzin, I'll give that a try tomorrow. I see aftermarket fan assemblies on flea-bay for between $80 and $90.

CREWZIN 08 Sep 2010 07:17 pm

Re: I think radiator fan has bit the dust...
Yea, some of them last , some don't. One of the guys here said certain countries make lousy short lived fans but you really can't tell where they are coming from. Most, if not all are made overseas in all different countries.

justinbowser 08 Sep 2010 07:25 pm

Re: I think radiator fan has bit the dust...
I figure I'll take a chance since the OEM unit is over $200. Hopefully I'll get a good one...

CREWZIN 08 Sep 2010 07:30 pm

Re: I think radiator fan has bit the dust...
I don't know if it works all over the country but I'm in the Corvette club and MOPAR club that's sponsored by the owner of a Chevy dealer and a Chrysler/Dodge/jeep dealer plus a Nissan dealer. For my Corvette and PT the dealer offers members parts at cost plus 10% and labor at $45 dollars an hour which is half price for most people.

Check around and see if there's a MOPAR club in the area that's sponsored by a dealer. Plus you can search around and pay a little more but might be worth it.

ivynthemnts758 09 Sep 2010 08:27 am

Re: I think radiator fan has bit the dust...
becarefull it is easy to blow the fuse to the tcm and fan relays when trying to to test them wires..our problem was the temp sensor under the thermostat which controls the relays..low speed and highspeed after a mnth of hell i put it in the shop cause it was stuck in limp mode they flashed it put a temp sensor in it and changed a fuse we blew straight wiring the fan and a hundred bucks it is good as new...

justinbowser 09 Sep 2010 04:30 pm

Re: I think radiator fan has bit the dust...
Finished testing today and fan definitely bad so I ordered an aftermarket fan with supposedly a lifetime warranty. Time will tell, I suppose...

Thanks for the sanity-check!

justinbowser 21 Sep 2010 11:24 am

Re: I think radiator fan has bit the dust...
The fan I ordered from one of the fleaBay sellers came in about a week ago and today I finally had time to install it. Why do they make crap so what should be a 15 minute job requires dismantling half the front end!!!???

Bitchin' aside, the job went smoothly and I was fairly impressed with the replacement fan unit. It looked identical to the original and even came with new attaching hardware INCLUDING J-Nuts. Although this doesn't make much difference in TX this could be real handy for the poor Yankees that live where salt is used all winter.

While the battery box was out gives a good opportunity to clean it really good and I re-installed it with stainless hardware as the stock bolts were already starting to corrode. I would be willing to pay $5 - $10 more for a vehicle that used stainless hardware in strategic spots.

I started it up and let it idle with the A?C on until it came up to temp and the low and hi fan speeds seem to work the way they are supposed to so I am a happy camper!

Only time will tell whether or not this replacement fan is worth the powder to blow it to the moon but with a delivered price of about $75 and an advertised lifetime warranty it seemed a good deal to me. I don't know the forum policy on listing item links so if anybody wants to know which one I bought just PM me.

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