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06 Motor Mount Replacement Save $$$

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Old 11 Oct 2010, 09:03 am
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Default 06 Motor Mount Replacement Save $$$

Well after the dealer wanted $550.00 to change the right side mounts on my 06 PT I called B.S. and decided to do it myself. After researching here I thought it only right to post up my findings.

If you have a decently setup garage you can do this. My part outlay was less than $100.00 including the 3M Urethane to fill in the mounts.

Parts List.
Upper Motor Mount, Lower Motor Mount, Tube 3M Windshield Adhesive Urethane (caulk gun..I use the skeleton type which I think works better on these automotive tubes, New Push Binders (for the plastic splash shields) Total Cost should be less than $100.00

So letís see how I do for others since prior information helped me...
1. Jack up the car and support safety with jack stands.
2. Remove the right front tire and completely remove the inner plastic splash shield. (Iíll tell you why later. )
3. Support the engine with either jacks stands or floor jack with a wood block for protection.
( I did this extra since I knew both mounts were gone. Didnít know for sure how much engine would move around. Didnít want find out the hard way. )
4. Removed the headlight wiring from the headlight assembly and remove the four nuts on the headlight unit attaching it to the support structure AND the two nuts attaching the right edge of the bumper cover to the right fender edge. (The inner two were really difficult to reach with the unit in the car so I disconnected them when I pulled out the headlight unit.
5. While gently pushing down on the bumper cover pull out the headlight unit. ( Remember if you push too much you might crack the paint on the bumper cover. Now you can disconnect the other wiring and set the headlight unit aside. )
6. Now you can remove the three bolts holding the top mount in place and pull it right out the hole where the headlight was mounted. ( press Staples Easy Button you have in your garage. My attempt at humor. )
7. Since you already knew you were doing this and pre-purchased your mounts and 3M Urethane filling them like three days ago swap over the little weight /tab/wing thingy off the old mount ( what IS that thing?) and re-install the mount and reverse the steps for putting the headlight assembly back into the car. Over halfway done!
8. Now that you are getting how Chrysler does things, remove the lower plastic splash shield and you will see that the lower mount is right there to pretty much unbolt and then bolt in the new one.
9. Remove the bolt and nut attaching the support bar to the rear of the mount and set it aside.
10. Remove the bolt stud holding the rear of the mount in place. ( The nut on the back side is welded onÖit wonít come loose. Believe me I tried before looking at it like I should have to start withÖ.Moving on. )
11. Remove the front bolt holding on the mount and then simply bolt your new mount you have prepped into place.
12. Re-install the lower shield. You did get those new plastic push in holders I told you about right? Time to put everything back togetherÖ. WAIT.

OK before you high five yourself, it should pay off to do a couple of other checks. Since you removed the entire inner fender splash shield you should be able to clean all the crap gathered at the corner of the fender and lower runner edge. I was SHOCKED as to how much crap was in there. Northern owners this should be added to required spring clean up to help prevent rust.

Also look at the rear lower control arm bushings. On my PT both were already busted. I had not planned on this ( even though I knew this was an issue that I was aware of ) but if you could it would be an excellent time to do it all at once. Just saying. Also since I found the rub spot you will see in the pictures and in my case I had to let my filled mounts cure I ran a little of the 3M Urethane in a squiggly pattern on the rub spot and let it cure good before re-installing the splash shield. We will see if this does the trick later on ( this could be yet another easy rust area up North the way itís rubbing down to bare metal.)

OK I think thatís it. I hope this helps someone else. Iím pretty savvy with the wrenches but am far from ASE Master certified. But I would think most people could do this. I donít own a air compressor and all ( dad never did and Iíve never needed one yetÖbut if you would like to donate since this saved you like $400.00 I can give you my PayPal address! ) anyhowÖknowing
what I know now I could do this in probably less than one hour if I was a dealership tech working off of book time with all the tools I donít have. I know these guys need to make money but uhhh my money needs to stay in my pocket.

Link to my FLICKR picture page with all the pics I took while doing this.
Flickr: GAGAGOBY's Photostream
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Old 11 Oct 2010, 11:11 am
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Default Re: 06 Motor Mount Replacement Save $$$

Nice job

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Old 11 Oct 2010, 02:45 pm
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Default Re: 06 Motor Mount Replacement Save $$$

thanks for the write up , i may end up removing the timing belt cover instead of taking the headlight off. thanks again. i wish if the admin place it as a sticky too
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Old 11 Oct 2010, 03:02 pm
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Default Re: 06 Motor Mount Replacement Save $$$

I guess you would....done. It'll be in the HOW TO section as there's too many single stickys.
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