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Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

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Old 08 Nov 2010, 12:34 am
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Default Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

My GF bought a 03 Dream Series II and I changed a lot of parts on it to bring it up to date.

I notice the are couple of problems with the Anchor brand motor mounts.

One of the bolt hole on the lower mount is drilled too small. I had to buy a 9/16 inch drill bit to open it up so the bolt can go though it and be bolted to the engine block.

The center motor mount caused the torx bolt to go in about 1/4 inch too far and it came in contact with the the timing belt tensioner bolt and caused the timing belt to walk to the outer of the pulley and made noise.

The fix for number one was a $16 drill bit. The fix for number 2 was 6 more hours of labor and diagnosis. I cut the engine mount bolt by 1/4 inch and it works.

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Old 08 Nov 2010, 07:44 pm
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Default Re: Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

Thanks for the tips.
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Old 09 Nov 2010, 02:45 pm
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Default Re: Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

Ditto with Crewzin. You may have saved some of us a big headache. Hopefully we can return the favor some time.
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Old 10 Nov 2010, 12:51 pm
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Default Re: Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

Tryingbe - I had the exact same problems on #1 - I took it back and put back the only slightly broken torque mount. Waiting on rockauto now. I fixed #2 with a bunch of washers though.
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Old 22 Nov 2010, 11:12 pm
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Default Re: Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

i just bought a pair of these upper mount and lower tranny mount and they worked perfecty...and have lifetime warrenty.
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Old 23 Nov 2010, 03:03 pm
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Default Re: Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

Good information but may only apply to certain model years.

I have replaced a few on 2001 model PT Cruisers and can say with confidance that the center mount bolt does not have to be shortened. Once torque'd down the bolt only extends past the engine support bracket by maybe 1 thread. There is about 5mm clearance between the bolt end and the timing belt tensioner.

As for the lower torque strut again the bolts holes are the correct size for a 2001 model year PT. No drilling out required, I would check the configuration and Anchor part numbers on their website to ensure you recieved the correct parts. Or as I mentioned maybe the issue is only with certain model years.
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Old 23 Nov 2010, 04:53 pm
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Default Re: Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

are the metal plates that screw to mounts important,i forgot to put one of them on.
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Old 23 Nov 2010, 11:08 pm
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Default Re: Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

by metal plates I am assuming the small metal piece that is held down with 2 star screws on the top mount?

This is a mass probably added to the mount to change the natural frequency of the part. During testing they probably determined the mount vibrated at a certain engine frequency and would negatively effect the durality of the mount or the vibration you feel through the car body. A small change in the mass of the part knock the natural frequency down and probably out of the range where the problem was occuring.

I transfered mine to the new part, I would recommend the same. As a side note you can install the weight without removing the mount. I used a wobble extension to give me a little curve on the socket. Question did you perform the mount adjustment once you had installed the new mounts?
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Old 12 Mar 2011, 01:16 pm
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Default Re: Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

Again, I'd recommend using windshield urethane,
assuming the problem is they're using a single model Neon based mount
for all applications.
You're old mount will fit, like, well, your old mount.

Urethane works.
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Old 25 Oct 2014, 11:43 pm
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Default Re: Watch out for Anchor motor mounts.

Please tell me more about this frequency dampener. I have a Cruiser that makes a horrendous sound. At first I thought a wide open air intake, then onto exhaust. Nothing. I am now looking into struts, mounts and other suspension parts that are transferring the vibration into the interior of the car. It can barely be heard outside which makes it that much more difficult to locate.
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