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Thudding slight squeaking

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Old 20 Nov 2010, 07:09 pm
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Default Thudding slight squeaking


I have read through many posts and don't think I have found my answer.
I have a 2001 pt cruiser 178,000 miles, I just got the rear wheel bearings replaced and everything was fine.
Yesterday I ran some errands I parked my car and when I left I noticed when I went to brake there was a slight thudding sound coming from the front.

I got on the highway, and the front pass wheel (or so I think that is where the sound is coming from) just kept making a thudding sound, shaking the car a bit, when I go to break the sound pretty much goes away, but when I take my foot of the brake the sound comes back, which I thought was pretty weird. Turning to the left the noise also pretty much stops, but going straight it stays constant, I can't tell but there feels like a little play in my steering. When I turn to the right it feels like my car just wants to keep going that way, At around 55+ is when it gets real bad, my wheel shakes a lot.

My car isn't pulling in either direction at all, it stays straight if I take my hands off the wheel.

I noticed when I got off the highway and I rolled my window down to hear if I could hear it worse, I noticed a slight squeaking sound coming from the front pass tire.

I don't have excessive bounce or anything when I hit a bump or dip in the road.

I tried to see if there was anything I could notice by looking under my car when I got home, the only things I noticed was the plastic, not sure if it is a skid plate, on the right passanger side was hanging in the middle a bit, and there is a wire hanging off on the front drivers side that is no longer connected, (my odemter light went off the other night I am not sure if that has to do with it, but the rpm light and all the other lights are fine.

Any suggestions, I was terrified driving home tonight I was working 50 minutes from home I had no choice but to drive

Thank you in advance
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Old 20 Nov 2010, 07:16 pm
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Default Re: Thudding slight squeaking

I cant tell you what the thud sound is but the disconnected wire is probably the ground wire that goes to the strut.You can get more info here ground wires from body to front struts?
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Old 20 Nov 2010, 10:14 pm
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Default Re: Thudding slight squeaking

Some basic things you can check:

1- Check that your tire is inflated to the right pressure.
2- Check that the lug nuts holding the wheel to the hub are tight and properly torqued.
3- Check if to see if you have lost one of the weights that balances your tire.
If you have lost one it will usually appear as a very clean spot on the edge of the rim. Look on both the inside and outside of the rim.
4- Check the tire for unusually wear and or an object embedded in the rubber.

Some more advance things you can check with the car jacked up:

1- Jack the car up safely and check for lateral and longitudinal movement of the wheel.
The wheel should fit snugly up against the hub and there should be no play, either side to side (laterally) or up and down (longitudinally).
Depending on the kind of movement there may damage to your tie rod ends, ball joints or wheel bearings.

2- With the car in neutral and the wheels safely chocked, grasp the coil spring with one hand and spin the wheel with the other hand.
When the wheel spins, it should spin freely and there should be no vibration felt in the coil spring.
If you feel vibration in the coil spring then this is a sign of damage to the wheel bearing.

3- Take the tire off and do a visual inspection of the brakes. Is everything properly seated and attached? Using your hand to spin the hub, does the rotor spin freely through the pads when the car is in neutral?

4- Check that the coil spring and shock absorber are properly seated and attached.

Always use a proper jack and jack stands and work safe first.
Never start the car or put the car in gear when it's on the jack! Never!!

Hope this helps
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Old 20 Nov 2010, 11:25 pm
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Default Re: Thudding slight squeaking

One other thing I didn't see listed. Check your cvc joint (drive axle). Does the boot have a tear in it. If it does their is a good chance you've lost all of the grease. If that is the case and its doing what you say, you need to get it to a mechanic first thing Monday morning. I had a van do what your describing and my cvc joints failed within five miles of the noise and shaking.
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Ham: N9PTC
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Old 23 Nov 2010, 08:28 pm
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Default Re: Thudding slight squeaking

Thanks guys,

I just got it fixed today.
Got ball joints, rear shoes, and rotors replaced, he said one of them was so rounded out they had to dig at it to get it out.
Total cost was $321.50, now that might not sound so bad, but I get a discount which took off $213 so if it wasn't for that I would of had to pay over $500
I get parts at cost which was $36.50, so do the math and see how much my labor was.. yep $ 285
I also have an ebrake problem, but I told him I couldn't afford to do all that at once, he said that isn't something I have to do right now but should later I guess the ebrake is really bad.

I had to drive 25 minutes to drop off my car to get fixed it was scary, I am glad I made it safe. Only took them a couple hours to fix though
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Old 23 Nov 2010, 08:37 pm
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Default Re: Thudding slight squeaking

oh and yeah I was starting to thing my lugs were loose and my tire was wiggling, but of course you can't see that when you are on the inside of your car driving lol.
We have a lift at work because we do inspections, but I was not taking the chance and driving it to work half hour away. (all highway)
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Old 23 Nov 2010, 11:35 pm
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Default Re: Thudding slight squeaking

Glad to hear you got it fixed and at a great price too
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