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is Diablo predator best out there?

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Old 21 Dec 2010, 06:52 pm
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Default is Diablo predator best out there?

ok well here is what i am wondering and inqireing, i have a 05 cruiser gt 5 speed. i want to get a programer for it but am not sure what to get i herd the jet is crap. and the diablo is one of the best but is it true also does it void warentey on the car? (its the original factory warentey) by the way. and is there anything else out there other then those two. thanks
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Old 21 Dec 2010, 11:34 pm
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Default Re: is Diablo predator best out there?

Yes. Comes with a tune thats close to mopar stage1. You can go much more though providing a good tuner and dyno time.

SCT is also another option but is not as popular and harder to find someoen who knows how to tune with it.

As for warranty, it could be a hit or miss. Some have used the DSP and when they need to go to dealer, re-load the factory tune back on the PCM beforehand That way it is back to stock in the dealers eyes as they cant find anything.

I did read on another performance site some cars PCM log when anything has been altered such as modifications written/changed/erased/ dealers can spot the above, but have never seen anything posted about our PT's like this so......

Just remember as you add more power things will wear out quicker, break, etc...and usually once you get a taste you will always want more so it kind of snowballs out of control
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Old 22 Dec 2010, 12:17 am
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Default Re: is Diablo predator best out there?

Before you do ANYTHING as far as tuning the car, you NEED a wideband and a boost gauge. There's absolutely no doubt about it. If you pursue any sort of tuning without either of those tools, you're running your engine on borrowed time.
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Old 22 Dec 2010, 02:44 am
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Default Re: is Diablo predator best out there?

I don't run on the track without the DSP pulling logs. I've had mine for quite some time now. I even took my PT to Florida and gave it to the guys at DS for a week, while they loaned me their truck. Great guys.

As to voiding the warranty, that's BS and totally between you and your dealership. It's quite hard for them to prove that your DSP voided the warranty. For a test, I've taken my car three times to the dealership for three different warranty repairs. First I put the factory tune back in. Then went with the 93 octane tune. Then went back with the race tune that we developed on the dyno at RageTek.

Last time I went, with race tune, I even told the service manager that I had it in there and all they wanted to do was go through the settings, going, "oh wow" the whole time.

Could be that I'm close friends with the owner of the dealership but I doubt that was the case. If he'd wanted to push the issue, I'd have dropped the factory tune back in and in less than 5 minutes I'd be playing stupid, "what tune???".
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Old 22 Dec 2010, 07:54 am
bev bev is offline
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Default Re: is Diablo predator best out there?

ok thanks for the updates and i am in the process of geting gauges right now that is the same thing my brother told me to do he just didnt know if there was something better out there but now i know thanks.
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