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Cranking but not starting.

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Old 23 Dec 2010, 09:32 pm
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Default Cranking but not starting.

Ok so here is my story. 2.4L non turbo 2002 pt automatic. I was getting ready to leave the gas station and my car suddenly made a thump and shut off. Would not crank back over. So the next day i towed it back to my house and started diagnosing everything. I first started with the timing belt. Was good and intact. Then i started with the fuel. Also good. Then the spark. Was getting no spark. So i took my coil up my local autozone and had it tested. Came back good. So the man told me it was probaly a crank sensor. So i bought it. I know ive read on these forums people saying stick to chrysler genuine for this but i didnt have any money for the cost of a dealer right now and im trying to get it going. So i purchased the sensor. Replaced it and then BAM fired right up. Drove it around for about 10 miles and then the check engine started flashing. Drove it to the autozone and had the scanner hooked up. Random misfire cylinder 2,3,4. The car was running fine other than a misfire only under heavy acceleration. I drove around for the remainder of the day doing errands. So i started the car on and off 4-5 times. Figuring the sensor would be fine.. So the next morning(today) i went to start the car and it wud not start... It would turn on for a few seconds with a horrible shaking idle 500rpms then once u give it gas it would die. Giving gas or not still would make it shut off. And shaking horrible like a bad misfire. So i figured maybe the coil took a dump. So i replaced that. Nothing... Maybe a bad crank sensor? I went up autozone and had the sensor warranty swapped for a new one. Nothing. Same problem.. Im stumped.. ne ideas???
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Old 23 Dec 2010, 09:54 pm
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Default Re: Cranking but not starting.

You couldn't afford to get the Chrysler Crankshaft sensor so you bought the AutoZone part, then on a hunch you bought a new coil which wasn't the problem.

After market electrical parts are crap. You read it here and still threw in a part that you can't tell if it's working or not.

Next thing, the engine light started flashing. Flashing means there's something terrible wrong and serious damage can be done by running the engine (owners manual page 115). You now have misfires on 3 out of 4 cylinders and there's a horrible shaking and dies as soon as you give it gas.

Time to spend some money and have it professionally diagnosed by a mechanic with an OBD scanner.
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Old 23 Dec 2010, 10:00 pm
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Default Re: Cranking but not starting.

The shaking wasn't present the hole day of driving. Like i said there was a "miss" here and there. "random" misfire. and i returned the coil because my friends work there so thats returned. and even if the cruiser doesnt like the aftermarket sensors then why would it run all day no problem with it. and im calling the service tech tomorrow then having it towed to chrysler.
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