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shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

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Old 03 Jan 2011, 01:28 pm
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Default shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

shop owner called me while it was in for plugs/wire install and said i have alot of carbon build up and for $150 they could clean the throttle body, top half ,etc.

its a 2005 2.4l with 68k

i was just thinking of pouring a bottle of lucas oil in the gas tank to clean the injectors.

what is this seafoam stuff i hear? and would that be better?
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Old 03 Jan 2011, 01:33 pm
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Default Re: shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

Even if you do decide to let a shop do it for you $150 is too much.It costs around $80 in my area.I would just use the Lucas or other fuel system cleaner and see how that works out.Have you been having any problems with the car?
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Old 03 Jan 2011, 01:34 pm
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Default Re: shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

well I can tell you that I run a can of sea foam about every 3 month and I run the lucas gas additive every other fill up

the sea foam is some good stuff to clean up that carbon but you could also take the air cleaner hose off and start up the car with the car OUTSIDe have some one keep the R'S up and Spray some Throtel body cleaner in the air intake and that will also clean it up

just a country boys way of doing things it works btu Im sure there will be some others that may work better
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Old 03 Jan 2011, 01:46 pm
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Default Re: shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

i just bought the car last week so i was getting a tune up and oil change.

i figured ill see how it runs after this and watch the mpg. then add some lucas and see if it made a diffrence.
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Old 03 Jan 2011, 03:56 pm
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Default Re: shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

This is to much. I had the dealer do this type of cleaning for $85.00.
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Old 03 Jan 2011, 04:00 pm
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Default Re: shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

Hope that your furnished the plugs and wires and that they haven't used stock wires, they are CRAP (wires).

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Old 03 Jan 2011, 05:16 pm
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Default Re: shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

yea i got duralast wires and autolite plugs from autozone and had them install it
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Old 04 Jan 2011, 03:34 am
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Default Re: shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

I'm a seafoam believer.

3 different ways of using it.

1) gas tank....easy dump in a can and it runs trhough the fuel lines and cleans the injectors.

2) oil crankcase....dump in some before an oil change go warm the car up helps remove gunk around lifters and springs and stuff

3) via aresol or vacuum suction....there is a tool out there that you can hook up to an air compressor and you can set the rate at which it sprays what ever you dumped in it into the throtle body, thus cleaning the throtle body, intake manifold, valves, and so on. unfortunatly I do not have this tool or an air compressor. I like to find a vacuum source hook up a vacuum line too it, get a friend to keep the rpms up around 3k (can even use something in the engine bay like a piece of cardboard to keep the throtle body open, but friend in driver seat holdin gas pedal and watchin rpm gauge I think is best). stick vacuum line into seafoam can and sip....SIP...a little seafoam at a time. I say sip because this is going in as a liquid and liquids do not compress, aka you go to fast and then you need a new motor. this goes in and cleans out the pistons pretty good and on down to the o2 sensor and stuff as well.
the vacuum suction way is getting harder and harder to do on newer vehicles since they are going to more electronics and less vacuum controls. and sometimes teh vacuum port you find will only benefit one cylinder. plus since its not he aresol way you are missing the throtle body....easily fixed with some carb cleaner and a toothbrush though.

after you suck the entire can into teh car, let the car sit for a few minutes (15-30 min) start up and have a good day.
while doing this you might get a ton of smoke out the tail pipe, this is normal, and a good thing. when you restart the car after letting it sit you might get a huge cloud of smoke out the tail pipe....again this white-ish smoke is normal and will go away shortly.
I have seen cars of various motors, mileage, physical age, and type put out hardly any smoke at all to so much smoke you cover half the block with thick white smoke.

so I do recommend doing this in a large ventilated area.

BG make an awesome total fuel cleaning kit as well that includes a can for the gas tank, a spray can for the throtle body similar to carb cleaner and tooth brush method, plus another can to be put in the tool I mentioned earlier that can be adjusted to spray into the intake tract while the car is running. that works awesome as well.

seafoam costs around 8-10 dollars a can, and can be easily done by the diy-er in my opinion. though a shop charging anywhere from 70-150 bucks does not surprise me; different products, different procedures, and different hourly rates...all equate to dramatic flucations in prices.
I think around 150 is what the Toyota dealer I worked for charged and they used the BG kit that I mentioned above.
so the price doesn't surprise me but personally I do find it unreasonable considering how simple it is to do yourself.
and I don't do the seafoam very often, maybe once or twice a year through the crankcase maybe 3 to 4 times through the gas tank a year, and maybe just before a smog check if I'm nervous about it I might do the vacuum sucking method.

2003 Dark Blue Non-Turbo Pt Cruiser w/ 5 speed
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Old 04 Jan 2011, 09:20 pm
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Default Re: shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

Wait a minute! The mechanic said you had "carbon buildup", and for $150.00 he'll clean your throttle body (upper part). So I'm assuming the "carbon buildup" is the funky stuff that accumulates inside your throttle body opening, right?

What's all this "Seafoam and Lucas" stuff got to do with the funky black stuff that builds up in your throttle body? You just have clean air and a bit of crankcase-vapor-oil passing through the throttle body. It gets a little "carbony-looking" after about 20,000 miles, or so. So you just remove the big hose connecting your air filter housing to your throttle body. Then you spray some good carb cleaner in the throttle body opening--not a whole lot, either; open the throttle a bit while spraying, and get a toothbrush in there. It will clean up real nice. DON'T do this while the motor is running. Also, get a clean lint-free rag where you've been cleaning, and wipe up the yuck in the opening--real nice and clean, like.

By the way, I have 70,000 miles on my PT and I'm just now getting around to doing this 5-minute job that is not worth $150.00 by any stretch of the imagination.

Your mechanic is messing with you--unless he was referring to carbon buildup in your combustion chamber (he may have shined a light in there while changing the plugs and saw "black"). Well, it's a combustion chamber. They're ... always black. That's carbon in there. Unless you never drive it on the freeway, it should not be a problem, however. There's always carbon there. Cleaning your throttle body will not remove it from your combustion chamber. Putting in all that Seafoam and Lucas may remove it, but stepping on the gas, from time to time, will also do the trick ....

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Old 04 Jan 2011, 10:30 pm
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Default Re: shop wants $150 for carbon clean up

I "discovered" Sea Foam last fall, it's AWESOME stuff! won't harm ANY type of seals and will clean injectors, intake, upper cylinder walls,valves, trans, and as mentioned the crankcase too etc.
I was turned on to it by the guys at few of the GoldWing sites I belong to. Case in point; Last fall I got an '84 GoldWing 1200 Standard, I guess it had sat for awhile, couldn't keep it running without the choke half on. Changed the plugs/wires/caps and it was better,but, still not right..put half a can of Sea Foam through it and it was night & day! Since then I've used it in the cruiser, my lawn tractor, my snowblower..just awesome stuff.
On to the original question; Too MUCH to do that work, and I might add, if you are at all handy..remove the throttle body and give it a GOOD clean...( go easy with the small sensor in the air intake tube) I did the spay thing and it looked good..until I took the valve body off, there was still a lot of carbon BEHIND the throttle butterfly that you just can't see/get to unless you take the valve body off. It's not really hard at all plus, you can get into every little port.
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