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03 PT non turbo 2.4 wont run!! oil everywhere in intake

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Old 09 Jan 2011, 05:31 pm
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Default 03 PT non turbo 2.4 wont run!! oil everywhere in intake

Hello everyone, here's hoping we have an expert that has ran into this prollem before. oil box had 1/4" of oil in it air filter was soaked. not sure if pcv has failed and it just puking it all into there or what, either way car died driving down highway, I've used a timing light to verify spark, pulled injector's to make sure there's fuel, pulled the plugs cleaned and regapped, they were pretty bad .060 to .075 ish put back down to .040, boosting off my civic (I know you'll love that, with duel battery's) pt sounds like it wants to run blow's little white rings out the exhaust, pulled codes 0601 and 0522, cleaned iac but I think that code went because I keep putting the throttle down during attempting to start, it sounds like it wants to start if you push the throttle a bit then let off.

burning all that oil plug up the cat?? i'm running out of options.
maybe cam belt slipped?? any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 09 Jan 2011, 06:09 pm
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Default Re: 03 PT non turbo 2.4 wont run!! oil everywhere in intake

Wayne, welcome to the forum. What kind of mileage do you have. I take it, the way you describe what's happening, that you just bought a used PT and seeing all the problems for the first time. Either that or you've let the car get into disrepair yourself.

Do you know what the cam sensor is? If so, take that off and you'll see the end of one of the overhead cams. Have someone try to start the car while lokiing at the end of the cam and see if it turns while trying to start the engine. If it doesn't, the timing belt has broke. If it's turning, good.

The white smoke out the tailpipe is a bad sign. Check for coolant mixing in with the oil, look for water in the oil when you check the oil or milky brown oil. This produces a white smoke that will come out of the exhaust. Headgasket, cracked or warped head, intake manifold or gasket, or cracked block are your sources.
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Old 09 Jan 2011, 06:36 pm
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Default Re: 03 PT non turbo 2.4 wont run!! oil everywhere in intake

mileage is 160,000k I guess that's about 100000miles, the oil is milky brown and with 3 battery's 1 in car with a charger on it and two in my civic with it running, the engine turn's over quite slow, it is pretty cold here, I had the block heater plugged in for a bit, it is my sister's car it died on the highway, oil light came on as well as the coolant light. all fluids were topped up before the trip, i changed the thermostat gasket cuz it was done. i'm sure that would cure the coolant problem's, but now with the overheat i would hate to say it but I agree with the head gasket or warped head. I also just finished loosening the exhaust off the engine just before the cat, i'm assuming that burning that much oil would plug it, however that didn't allow the engine to turn over any faster. it does sound like it may run it wants to run, but yeah..... i think it may be fubar'd.
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Old 09 Jan 2011, 06:40 pm
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Default Re: 03 PT non turbo 2.4 wont run!! oil everywhere in intake

Definately sounds like you have a blown head gasket with the milky oil.
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Old 09 Jan 2011, 06:42 pm
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Default Re: 03 PT non turbo 2.4 wont run!! oil everywhere in intake

the air filter was completely soaked in oil also, you could have wrung the oil out of it. where the little pcv sponge is all the plastic was melted and the sponge was on the bottom, that's why I was thinking pcv problems
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Old 09 Jan 2011, 08:17 pm
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Default Re: 03 PT non turbo 2.4 wont run!! oil everywhere in intake

Possibly the radiator fan is whipped also, that would cause the overheating.

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Old 11 Jan 2011, 07:57 am
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Default Re: 03 PT non turbo 2.4 wont run!! oil everywhere in intake

Milky brown oil is a near guarantee of a bad head gasket.
At about 100,000 miles, it needs a timing belt anyway, so new head gasket, have head checked for warping, new timing belt & water pump - between $ 1,000 & $2,000 bucks is my guess.
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