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replace solonoid and now problems

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Old 17 Jan 2011, 11:19 pm
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Default replace solonoid and now problems

i recently replaced the transmission solonoid on my mothers 2002 pt cruiser .. it was leaking bad... we drove the car for about a day no problems.. then it would not shift correctly and seamed like it was slipping. i replace the trans filter and fluid and tryed to perform the learning procedure... it shift fine into 2nd but will no fo to third correclty .. and then it throws multiple errors.. p0731 p0871 p0733 p0700, i checked all the codes out and they make sense because of the shifting.. what i cant figure out is what is wrong. did i mess somthing up ? did i get a faulty solonoid ? please help, not sure what to do now other than put the old solonoid back in, didnt have any problems then...
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Old 18 Jan 2011, 10:30 am
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Default Re: replace solonoid and now problems

Did you use ATF + 4 fluid?
I'd put old one back and see where you're at with that, then go from there.
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Old 18 Jan 2011, 05:29 pm
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Default Re: replace solonoid and now problems

yes I used atf type4 wouldn't I get an error code off that was it?
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Old 18 Jan 2011, 08:09 pm
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Default Re: replace solonoid and now problems

ok put the old one back on... works better but still slips when it goes to shift into 4th gear... then throws a fault code for tcm and 3rd gear wrong ratio... i dont know...
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Old 19 Jan 2011, 06:43 am
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Default Re: replace solonoid and now problems

I would still go with quicksilvers reply psycho, fluid levels in the transmission being to low will result in inadequate hydraulic pressures resulting in gear slip and incorrect ratios.

1) Remove the battery connection for 60 seconds, reconnect, to reset the error codes.
2) Start the car and allow to idle to operating tempreture, temp gauge half way.
3) Cycle through the gears from "P" to "L"/"1" holding in the each gear for a minimum of 10 seconds. Cycle back up to "P".
4) Check the fluid level and make sure it is at least mid to full on the cold temp side of the stick. (There is a hot and cold temp reading on the dip stick you want to use the cold reading prior to driving).
5) Add fluid if required and go to step 3 above, if the fluid level is ok continue with step 6.
6) Drive the vehicle for at least 15 minutes and go to step 3 above again, using the cold reading area to ensure you are still at least half to full but closer to full this time on the cold setting.

If that doesnt fix it I would re-check the part number of the soleniod and confirm it is the correct part for your car. I replaced mine with one from Rock Auto, its a Borg Warner and had no issues. No programming or drive cycle to perform, just topped up the fluid and she ran good. Hope this helps
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Old 20 Jan 2011, 06:52 pm
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Default Re: replace solonoid and now problems

as i indicated in my previous post, i did put the old one back in, took it to a tranny shop now and said there is some sort of internal damage ??? wtf... so anyone have a good sorce for a replacement tranny ?????
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Old 20 Jan 2011, 07:16 pm
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Default Re: replace solonoid and now problems

I'm assuming auto tranny. I would go junking for that. Find one of those "pick-a-part" places. Be your cheapest route. Rebuilt is available too.

On the resetting of the computer, one thing that everyone forgets is that the PT has several capacitors throughout the electrical system and sometimes just pulling the battery connection for a minute won't bleed down all of that (tiny) residual charge. I suggest to everyone, when you have the battery disconnected, pump the brakes a couple of times, that will insure any remaining charge on the system gets bled off.

Oh, also, when you did the relearn, did you start up and start driving right away? You need to allow for 5 minutes minimum before shifting, with the car in park and idling. Then before you drive off you need to shift to each gear, starting with reverse, then neutral, drive and so on. Then when you do drive, stay at or below 35 for 5 minutes again. After 5 minutes, push down a gear and allow the tranny to run on a lower gear. I'm not familiar with the auto tranny's in these, but I am familiar with a relearn. You need to drive the car in each gear, but in reverse and any other gear than Drive you need to stay below 15mph. Each gear should be driven for at more than a minute, except reverse. You only need to back up a bit for that. After you've run through every selectable gear, back in drive, then drive like you normally do for 10 minutes. This should complete the relearn cycle. Now it is possible that you have ECM issues, but to me it really does sound like a tranny problem, may be a connection issue or could be that solenoid.

Just my suggestions....

edit - uh, well, I just read Safari's post and we both said about the same

Last edited by Chromenut; 20 Jan 2011 at 07:23 pm.
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Old 21 Jan 2011, 07:44 pm
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Default Re: replace solonoid and now problems

P0700 Transmission Control System Malfunction
P0731 Incorrect 1st Gear Ratio
P0733 Incorrect 3rd Gear Ratio
P0871 OD Pressure Switch Sense Circuit

gear ratio error code means the trans calculated the input and output speed sensors ratios, and it was not right. usually there is internal damage

pressure sense is usually because the trans won't build pressure because of mechanical damage

p0700 usually means the tcm is too confused.
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Old 25 Jan 2011, 07:48 pm
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Default Re: replace solonoid and now problems

i took it to a shop and they said now there is metal shavings in the pan for the trans and it needs a rebuild... this will be the 2nd trans in this pt after 110000 miles... plan to have this vehicle for a while.. any one know of a good suplier for a rebuilt that will last, or possibly putting in a manual trans?? how much work would be involved.. pedels shift linkage clutch linkage, tcm?? any one ever do this and know if its worth it or get a better automatic trans that last ?? please help, dont have alot of $$$ to fix and it my only vehicle..
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