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01 PT Cruiser repairs

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Old 11 Mar 2011, 04:08 pm
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Default 01 PT Cruiser repairs

This is my first post. I'm an owner of 2 PTC's, I have one of the 1st off the line (01) and then purchased a used 05 in mid 05. I love these cars (so far anyway).

Am having expensive mechanical problems after all these years on the 01 and I know I've been lucky with just regular maintenance up to now. The car has had a leak on the driveway in the middle front of the car for a couple of years and my adult son (the usual driver) has kept his eye on the fluids (supposedly). Well, the check engine light came on after he got off the freeway and the engine died at some point. Had it towed to my regular mechanic and had the timing belt & water pump replaced, oil changed & tires rotated ($732). I had asked him before repairing to make sure that it was the water pump that was leaking or find out what it was.....He called me after "that" was repaired and then was told that the plastic part (can't remember the name of the part....sorry) on the front of the transmission was what was leaking and wanted another $400 to replace & refill that plastic part. Instead of repair (since I was still reeling from $700 repair) he suggested and I had him clean it off & top it off w/tranny fluid. As of this A.M. (Friday) it's not leaking in the driveway and am wondering if it was actually the water pump that was originally leaking. I do trust him but just trying to find out if this plastic part to the tranny is something that would need to be replaced at this time (I am in Arizona of course where it's hot & dry so I can believe it). But why would he wait until he had it all back together before he told me about the leak? Doesn't make sense to me. Any advice here would be great.

My second part to my post on the 01 Cruiser is that when my son went to pick up the car from this mechanic, he mentioned to my son that the struts need to be replaced. I took the car back to the shop this morning (Friday)and while driving it found that it was "pulling" to the right. Since they had just rotated the tires as well as an oil change on Monday, they suspected it was either the tires or it's out of alignment (as a side note I just aligned it 4-6 months ago which I know makes no difference). They rotated the tires back to the way they were originally and found that it's one tire that is the problem...easy enough to fix w/2 new tires BUT...NOW he tells me it needs new Bushings and $250 will fix it. I guess me not knowing about cars am wondering why he didn't see the Bushing problem when he rotated the tires the first time. Also he's now not pushing the strut issue (which he never discussed even after I asked him about it) so I am REALLY CONFUSED....

I've been reading through these threads but since I am not a mechanic, can't judge if all this sounds on the up and up. I'm sure it's all wear and tear more or less but does it make sense how these items are lined up as far as discovery and price?

Maybe a new mechanic is in order if I'm having such doubts?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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Old 11 Mar 2011, 04:51 pm
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Default Re: 01 PT Cruiser repairs

Just here to comment on the bushing thing.

I just found out my bushings were shot, as well as the bushings on my friends 06 PT. They're the ones to our LCA (lower control arms).

After comparing prices+cost of labor, it'll be much cheaper to simply replace the LCA's rather than buy new bushings and get all the work done required for them. If you go this route, you can replace the LCA's yourself.

Here's a picture I took when I was replacing my motor mount (about a week ago). Drew an arrow to show you the bushing I'm talking about (one of 3 I believe on the LCA).

You don't have to take anything apart at all. Just take a good look underneath if you can right now and you'll see if at least that one is shot or not.
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Old 11 Mar 2011, 05:07 pm
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Default Re: 01 PT Cruiser repairs

Thanks so much for that advice. I just picked the car up and he showed me one of the bushings (since I had not let him do the work yet). It looks shot. I'm taking back in Monday and will have him do the whole LCA's.
Thanks again! Have a great weekend!
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Old 12 Mar 2011, 11:59 am
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Default Re: 01 PT Cruiser repairs

I have one question. You said you have had the regular maintenance done on the 01 since you bought it new. That means it has been up on a lift numerous times over the years. And that brings me to my question. Why, after it started dripping onto the driveway TWO YEARS ago, didn't you simply have them check to locate the leak when they had it up on the lift for the next oil change? Myself, I would have checked for the leak immediately before the next change.

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Old 08 Apr 2011, 02:13 pm
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Default Re: 01 PT Cruiser repairs (YeS MORE)

Well, back in the shop today and now I'm getting quoted $380 for parts, labor, etc to replace the this a fair price? Seems like this guy is stuck on the $400 figure everytime he wants to fix my car??? Please help.
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