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transmission control solenoid leak/gasket

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Old 30 Mar 2011, 11:15 am
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Default transmission control solenoid leak/gasket

working on my buddy's 2001 pt with automatic tranny. It looks to be leaking from this solenoid but not from the gasket that mates the solenoid to the tranny. more from the faceplate with the torxs style bolts, that says something to the effect of do not remove, tampering with can throw off calibration. Can this be leaking does fluid travel through that area or do you think it is just migrating from the main gasket that mounts solenoid to tranny? The tranny works fine so if no one thinks i have to replace this part i'd rather not. Let me know what you all think about this please, thank you very much! Dan
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Old 30 Mar 2011, 11:26 am
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Default Re: transmission control solenoid leak/gasket

Dan, buy a new solenoid from RockAuto. Your old one will keep leaking. RockAuto sells one fairly cheap, made by Borg Warner.

Yours is a very common problem with PT's, having automatics. In fact, mine is leaking.

Maybe there is a "Sticky" on changing the auto solenoid on this forum. I don't remember. However, I do know that the three bolts that hold the solenoid to the trans are not torqued very high at all--and you need to find out this torque. Also, you'll lose about a half quart of ATF+4 auto transmission fluid (use only ATF+4 ... nothing else) during the changeover. Also, someone else here just changed theirs. Look through the latest posts.

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Old 30 Mar 2011, 10:16 pm
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Default Re: transmission control solenoid leak/gasket

thank you tim, i will do what you said, and thanks for telling me about the torque, i don't need any more problems.
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Old 31 Mar 2011, 01:02 am
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Default Re: transmission control solenoid leak/gasket

Dan ... follow these instructions:

Remove your Air filter housing--the top and the bottom. The bottom just pulls up out of some rubber grommets--after you have the top off and the hoses removed, etc.

Remove your battery after taking off the negative battery terminal first, then the positive cable. Unscrew the bolt in back of the battery tray to remove the bracket that holds down the battery.

Then remove the battery tray.

Look down and see the automatic trans. solenoid. Above it is a kind of bolt that is called the Speed Sensor. It's sort of big, and it's tightened to 20 foot pounds. Get a socket on it and take it out (it has to come out simply because it's in your way of pulling the solenoid beneath it). Don't damage its "O" ring.

Then loosen the trans oil cooler lines and plug them with something clean--very clean. Also, mark one with a piece of masking tape to know which line is which when putting this arrangement back together.

Unscrew the three bolts holding the solenoid to the transmission.

Pull the solenoid (and its gasket) off the trans.

Wipe the area that was behind the solenoid with a CLEAN lint-free rag.

Put the new solenoid with its new gasket onto the trans. Tighten the three bolts to 110 INCH pounds. That's INCH Pounds--not Foot Pounds! I like to barely tighten each bolt a little at a time--then tighten with an inch-pound torque wrench to 110 inch pounds (that ain't much, but you don't want them too loose-and-leaky, either--thus the need for an inch pound torque wrench).

Now put the trans. lines back on in the order they were removed (remember which line you taped with masking tape and which place it goes.

Now put the Speed Sensor back in. Make sure it has a good "O" ring on it or else you'll be doing this whole thing over again. Tighten it to 20 FOOT pounds. I hope you also have a good Foot-pound torque wrench.

Put your battery tray back in.

Put your battery back in.

Put your battery bracket back in with its bolt.

Put your lower air-filter housing back in.

Put the air filter top back in.

Re-attach all the hoses to the air filter housing. Little one and big one.

You'll be a little low on your transmission fluid. But start the car and let it run a few minutes (not a lot). Now go through all the gears on your gear shift. Now leave it in "Park" with the engine running and the parking brake on. Before the car gets real hot, pull the auto trans. dipstick and read the lower "Cold reading" on the dipstick. It should not be that low, but maybe a little. So add ATF+4 (Castrol makes it if you don't have Mopar)--but just a little--no more than one-quarter of the quart. Do NOT over fill it!

Shut off the engine and come back in ten minutes. Start the engine again and go through all the gears again, leaving the car in "Park", engine running, parking brake on.

Check the dip stick in the "Cold" reading of the dip stick again. Add another quarter-quart of ATF+4 if needed.

Drive the car around till it's at operatering temperature. When you get home, check the dipstick again--but in the HOT (upper) reading of the dipstick.

Hopefully, it should be okay.

In theory, you're supposed to run a "Quick-learn" on the trans (the dealer does this), after installing a new solenoid; but several posters on this forum have installed their own and didn't require this final procedure.

Good luck,


P.S. If I forgot anything, Cruisers, feel free to add to these instructions.
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Old 31 Mar 2011, 09:11 am
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Default Re: transmission control solenoid leak/gasket - Learn it or Burn it.

Detailed step by step with pictures

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Old 31 Mar 2011, 09:07 pm
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Post Re: transmission control solenoid leak/gasket

Well, I went to the Learn it or Burn it site, and I could not find any "Sticky", or Search Engine info. on this subject that shows a step by step breakdown.

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Old 01 Apr 2011, 12:04 am
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Default Re: transmission control solenoid leak/gasket

i went there as well, and finding anything is a nightmare. maybe it's just me, i dunno.
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Old 06 Apr 2011, 09:03 am
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Default Re: transmission control solenoid leak/gasket

I have a small leak on the used Transmissions Control Solenoid of my 2000
Dodge Caravan. The leak is between the sandwich of plastic and metal
layers (see image link).

Is there a gasket that can be replaced? Or do I need to replace the
entire solenoid?

Also, is this doing any damage to the part/ transmission repair? Assuming
that I do not let the fluid level get low...

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Old 07 Apr 2011, 12:43 am
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Default Re: transmission control solenoid leak/gasket

Looks like a PT auto solenoid to me. I'd buy a new one if the leak is pretty bad. If the leak is small, just check your fluid level once every two weeks and top off a little (don't overfill). Eventually, you'll have to get a new, complete, solenoid. RockAuto sells a Borg Warner cheap. Try them.

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Old 07 Apr 2011, 06:30 am
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Default Re: transmission control solenoid leak/gasket


PT CREW has some great HOW TO instructions, even more than we do.

You have to be a member of the "crew" but it's free to join. (they do take donations)

Once you join, find the word "forums" on the left hand side, click it.

Then scroll down to the "Wrenchin" section and look for the title "The Mod Bible".

Then you'll have access to about 100 titles of HOW TO on the PT.

I'll put this in a thread by itself so everyone wil know how to go there and retrieve the info.
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