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Cooling Fan (Pig Tail) Blues!

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Old 15 May 2011, 05:01 pm
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Default Cooling Fan (Pig Tail) Blues!

Hey All,

I need some help from the experts!

My cooling fan went out (no high speed = no fun in summer weather!)

When I went to remove the old fan, I was surprised to learn that the electrical connection was not at the bottom of the fan as per the instructions. As I cleared out the stuff around it (airbox, battery & tray, grill & support) I was dismayed to learn that the 'mechanic" who had previously worked on the car had buggered up the connection between the fan and the wiring harness. Evidently they didn't know how to remove the fan wiring from the pigtail and sort of forced it/ busted it. They then plugged it back but then moved the ground wire outside via a splice outside of the connection to try and keep it running.

So, the "pigtail" connection on the wiring harness side is buggered up, and I have tried all the local parts places (AutoZone, ORielly's, Advanced, NAPA) to find a replacement so I could splice it in properly. I am want to do it right - just in case I ever need to switch out the cooling fan again and for peace of mind on the highway.)

So are there any other options to find the auto side clip connection besides a wrecking yard (having to drive all over Houston to try and hunt one up) or the dealership ($ $ $ $ assuming the carry it).

I really need to get the car back in service ASAP so I don't know what else to do. But please let me know if there is a source for this part.

THANKS to all for your help!

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Old 15 May 2011, 05:33 pm
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Default Re: Cooling Fan (Pig Tail) Blues!

The auto side of that connection goes into a wiring harness and who knows where it goes from there. If you can trace it, maybe Chrysler does sell just that part of the fan harness. Other than a salvage yard, you could go to NAPA other auto store and ask for a 3 wire electrical connection and make it up yourself. The new fan motor will come with a 10 inch harness down to half the connection and that would have to be cut to put onto your new one. There should be enough extra wire on each side of the connection to make a new one.

How bad really is the connection? it can't be put back into shape so it will connect to the fan part of the connection? When you say "broke" is it only the "U" shaped locking tab or did somehow they broke the whole thing.

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Old 16 May 2011, 03:40 am
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Default Re: Cooling Fan (Pig Tail) Blues!

I wish I had taken a picture of the "connection" that the previous person had made. The Wiring Harness side connector was busted open (evidently they didn't understand how to open the "quick connect fastner")...

The center (ground) was completely missing in the face of connection and at the back so you couldn't just crimp in a ground again, so they took the fan line coming off the fan, seperated out the three lines, cut the center / black ground, spiced in a longer section of single strand wire to function as a "jump around" of the ground line in the wiring harness. Yes I can say that technically "it worked", but "half ass hillbilly" just not the way I roll, especially if my daughters will be driving this car...

I'm going to hit the auto yards tomorrow to find a donor for the wiring harness side clip and then I'll splice it back into the original harness to do it right. Especially if I ever have to replace the fan again. I had hope that the connector was some sort of "standard / off the shelf" connection that a NAPA or Advanced Auto parts might carry.

Thanks for the assistance. I've decided to take a full day off do it right, along with flushing the coolant, changing the thermostat, change the tranny fluid & filter, change the oil, and change out the motor mounts since it seems they are not too difficult to do from the threads here on the forum. They are pretty blown causing my motor to droop down which I think is crimping the lower coolant hose which can't help the heat situation either.

Thanks for the help!

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