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Fan Testing!

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Old 25 May 2011, 09:32 pm
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Default Fan Testing!

I have stated in a few A/C-related posts that my fan seems to come on at high speed, from the moment I turn on my A/C. Crewzin has opinioned that the low speed comes on first--then the high speed. So I went to see if I was wrong.

Perhaps, in the past, I may have started up and checked my 2003 Non-Turbo fan's delivery (particular speed), right after the wife got home from work (on a hot day, no less). If so, then only the high speed was coming on when I turned on the A/C to check--because of the temperature of the motor and the ambient temperature.

Yesterday, the car was somewhat cool. So was the day--about 67 degrees. Anyway, I started the motor, turned on the A/C and it seemed as if the "low" speed kicked in. The fan seemingly didn't have that loud, loud whirring sound I had listened to when the fan was replaced a year or so ago. So I assumed that what I was hearing was the low speed coming on when I first turned on my A/C.

Then, just to be sure, I kept the motor running to see if the fan would eventually kick into a higher gear (the high speed, I mean). Well, it never did.

Now it wasn't very hot, so I thought maybe no "high" speed was required. But I let the car idle for quite a while after that. No change.

At any rate, I'm thinking maybe Cruzin was correct about initial low speed operation of the fan when the motor's cool and the A/C is turned on.

Still, I'm hoping my "high" speed isn't shot to hell again--since it never came on after prolonged idling.

I'm going to check both speeds this weekend, using two wire leads. I have a question, though: when poking the wires into the high or low speed female leads, located under the fan (at the connection), will arcing occur? Or is there a trick to prevent this from happening, if it does? I'm assuming all I have to do is find a ground for the middle lead, and tap into my positive power at the battery, and run that lead to the high and low leads--with the engine off. If I get the fan to run on both high and low speeds, then I'm okay.

If I'm wrong, let me know.

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Old 26 May 2011, 06:06 am
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Default Re: Fan Testing!


Sounds right to me and just "taking a guess" , I would say your coolant just didn't reach the right temperature and that's why the high speed didn't turn on. Did the temperature gauge stay in the middle? If so, it just didn't get hot enough with the fan going on low from the minute you turned on the A/C to turn on the high speed part of the fan. If the gauge didn't start to go UP and the engine coolant was OK, then the computer didn't think you needed the high speed fan.
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Old 26 May 2011, 12:18 pm
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Default Re: Fan Testing!

Tim, did you leave the hood open or closed, if open the engine may have stayed cool enough that the fan didn't kick on?

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Old 26 May 2011, 08:34 pm
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Default Re: Fan Testing!

Well, I checked out the fan operation when I got home from work. I was just a few minutes behind my wife getting home, also, so the PT was still nice and warm. Not hot, but warmer than last night.

The fan didn't turn on at all when I first started the engine, however; but after a few minutes the low speed did kick in. Then--since my wife tends to let the gas get to the "ding" alarm before filling up, I went to the gas station, filled up, and went back home--the A/C on all the time to heat up the engine a bit more.

When I got home, the low speed seemed to be on--but it never kicked into high speed. I decided to wait till it's nice and hot outside, or after a long drive, to see if there is a problem. I'm thinking that the engine never got hot enough for high speed fan operation--because when that baby kicks in, it sounds a lot louder.

By the way, when my old fan was failing, my temp gauge never once got above "just below the middle". That's why I was amazed that when my car started that stuttering at idle with the A/C on--and blowing hot air at idle, but cold when the car started moving--that the fan was actually the culprit. Well, as many of you may remember--it was the fan!

Thanks for the advice, guys!

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