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Mice chewed up wires

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Old 10 Jun 2011, 02:17 pm
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Default Mice chewed up wires

Ok I am gonna try to explain this the best I can. I hope I am in the right forum, I really couldn't find a forum for mice problems so I came here...
Anyhow. I have had my 2006 PT cruiser in storage over the winter months, with a cover over it, and I have recently got it out to drive and find, that I have had a mouse renting out my car during the cold weather. I found his nest, consisting of leaves and old tore up papers, the engine compartment, and did all that cleaning. Well come to find out, My AC does't work anymore, it used to blow out cold air, now..not so much! It blows out hot air. I checked the freon and its still full. And also my windshield wipers, they come on realllllllllly slowwwwwwwww, and then stop in the middle of my windshield. And it only comes on if put on HIGH, otherwise....nothing. Ok so are you thinking what I am thinking? Do you think my little mouse, fed on my wires? I have had my car checked, and Chrysler has no idea. I myself think its
a mouse problem. Are there wires that could be chewed to stop my AC from working? Or my windshield wipers from moving in such a slow motion? I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!
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Old 10 Jun 2011, 03:17 pm
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Default Re: Mice chewed up wires

My stepson lost his pet mouse once. We didn't find it until the clothes dryer caught on fire. The mouse had chewed on the wires and that started a fire.

Recently I've caught three field mice in my garage after finding them eating on top of my srt motor. Luckily, no damage, but I keep one of those peanut butter flavored sticky traps on top of my motor when I'm not using the car during rainy days.

My advice to you is to have a shop look at it. If you store your car again use a lot of mouse traps around the storage area. They always have mice.
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Old 12 Jun 2011, 05:38 pm
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Default Re: Mice chewed up wires

I took the car to the shop to have it looked at, and they tell me that they cannot find why the wipers do not work, My air conditioner does not work either, and they both went out about the same time. I still say its wires somewhere that pertains to windshield wipers and maybe the blower on the AC. They checked and said there is no logical reason for them not to work. But I guess they do not believe mice can play a toll on your wires if they move in your car engine. Everything else works fine, Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I need to find out where these wires are located that control the AC and the Windshield wipers. Are they under the dash and you have to remove the dash to get to them?

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