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Issues, and a Power Steering/AC Pump?

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Old 10 Jun 2011, 07:46 pm
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Default Issues, and a Power Steering/AC Pump?

Hello! Been reading the forums for a while and been an owner of a Patriot Blue 2001 Limited Edition PT Cruiser for over a year now, but the car has been in the family since my grandpa first bought it when it was released. (Heck, he was the first person that we know of who had one where I lived!) Since the beginning of this year, I've been having some issues with it. Figured since you guys are the PT experts, I'll ask here!

First started off with a cooling issue. Starting at the end of last year, a belt all of a sudden started squealing whenever I was idling. Had it taken in to see if the belt was loose, but when they went into find the main problem, they found a crack in the coolant pump (or something along the lines of that) and said it was spraying all over the belt. Apparently it was just a small leak, but enough to saturate to cause the squealing. Estimated cost to fix: $600 Is that really that expensive? He said that the part would come to around $200, but the rest was labor. Any suggestions on this? I've been keeping an eye on the coolant levels and temps and refilling it when needed.

And this is the major issue right now, the power steering. Since it's been about 90 degrees outside the past week, been wanting to turn the AC on in my car, well it wasn't working right, hardly did any cooling. So I ended up not using it thinking it was just something minor. IE: a recharging or something. (Not 100% an AC expert)

And then this happened: a couple nights ago, I went out to move the car and all of a sudden after I started the car, the engine did a slight stutter after I shifted into reverse, and when I went to back out, a plume of smoke was coming out of the hood. I immediately turned the car off, waited a few seconds, opened the hood, found nothing. Turned it back on, ran perfectly fine, no smoke. Did emit a weird plant-like smell (as my brother put it, like burnt popcorn) but engine sounded and ran fine. Next day when I went to pull out of the driveway, I had no power steering. So I figured either a line broke. Went to get it looked at, apparently the pump broke, hence the smoke cloud, and it also explains why my AC didn't work either as according to the mechanic I had look at it, they're the same pump. Is that true and is this a possible DIY fix? I'm pretty handy at following directions and I have worked with engines before. I was estimated about $400 for the fix, but my dad thinks it's gonna be around $600. I would rather buy the $80 pump (that's how much a re-manufactured pump was online, but noticed it was only for the power steering) and fix it myself rather than someone take $600 out of my pocket.

I'm hoping someone on here can help me.

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