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HELP trans problem

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Old 17 Jun 2011, 01:04 pm
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Default HELP trans problem

Hi All,

I found the site after surfing for our PT problem.
My wife has a 2001 PT Cruiser with 175000 miles. Mostly city driving. No major work done, still original tran, shocks struts and I think muffler. There have been issues we need to get done but waited for, shocks and struts.
The problem Iím here for is a trans problem. It started 2 weeks ago.
My wife called me from driving home from work and said the car is wining and the tachometer is at 5000 rpms at 55.
The problem is the trans wont shift to the next or last gear. It doesnít happen all the time but when it does it does the hole time you are driving. If it works fine it works until you turn the car off and the next time you drive you have a 50/50 chance it works.
I have found out that if it acts up I can stop park it turn it off and back on and then same as before 50/50 chance it works. The fluid lvl is correct and it doesnít smell burnt. I donít think the trans is the problem but Iím no mechanic. I have added sea foam to the trans and it worked for 2 days and it took out a wining sound from the power stering. So that was good.
The ignition lock too from time to time. I have to miss with the key and shift to get it to turn. No the steering wheel isnít locking it. I donít want to take it in to the deal and be told I need a new trans if that isnít the problem. I can milk it out as I work 3 miles from home so sheís taking my truck.

Thanks for any help.
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Old 18 Jun 2011, 01:41 am
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Default Re: HELP trans problem

If you have 175000 on your PT, then I'd say it's probably time to get some major work done to your transmission (I'm assuming automatic transmission). It seems you have a few other problems that need looking into, also--because the car is finally wearing. And wearing quite well for the mileage!

I have 70,000 miles on my 2003 PT. If I were having some of the problems you mentioned, I'd probably be complaining about how Chrysler shafted me on yet some other part of the car that I haven't replaced already. But 175,000 miles? If you're just now running into some problems (your post said "no major work done"), then I'd say you've had a good run.

If you love the car, then it's probably time to get some major work done by a mechanic you can trust--or even the dealer ... unless you really know how to work on transmissions, that is. But the cost of fixing it with its high mileage is probably not cost effective by a long shot. Yes, I'd say your PT has done a great job for you and it's asking for some major repairs--no matter how belated ... or ... you can buy another PT, say one with half the mileage and a few years younger (2003? 2004?) for a fairly reasonable price.

In short, you've gotten your money's worth, for sure.

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Old 18 Jun 2011, 01:47 am
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Default Re: HELP trans problem

P.S. If your PT has an automatic, it may be going into "limp mode", because there's a problem with the transmission and Chrysler designed the transmission so as not to shift to higher gears, but will stay in the lower gears so you can still drive it to the shop to get it fixed.

I was paraphrasing my Owner's Manual, by the way.

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Old 24 Jul 2011, 06:52 pm
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Default Re: HELP trans problem

My transmission light just came on.. 2003 pt auto. mechanic on the last run said it was throwing debris and I need a new 3000 dollar transmission. I was really hoping to get another month out of it but alas.. I love my car. I just wondered how long can I drive it with the light on, I did check the fluids and its fine, I fear something large might of thrown because the shifter hasn't been clicking into park correctly unless I do it twice and make sure it's locked.

I am a sad panda this day. any help?
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