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Any TIPM experts out there?

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Old 23 Jun 2011, 09:30 pm
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Default Any TIPM experts out there?

Got an '06 PT GT Vert, 53k miles, lots and lots and lots of mods, way too many to list here. Recently recovered from bad wreck with front end and driver's side completely rebuilt. No electrical issues, no rear end issues.

Two days ago, I noticed when going out to my car that my tail lights didn't flash when I went to unlock the car via the remote. Checked my SKIM unit and it is set up properly for horn honk and lights. Had my daughter check out while I applied brakes and no brake lites at all....

Running lights work fine. Turn signals work fine. Installed are NOT oem/factory tails, they are Altezza Bermuda Blacks from R&S. Thought, "now how on earth could both go out at once?". Contacted Maggie at R&S and she immediately said she'd do me a deal to replace them.....however.... seems it's not the tails!!!!

I'm a big one for reading everything I can find in the service manuals, TSB's, etc. So found an 8 page diagnostic section for the rear tail lights and followed that section.

First of all, turns and running lights work fine. When I pulled my rr tail light I used a voltage trace tool to test this out. Ground to hot point and if there's voltage it lights up a small lamp. Turns and runners light it up fine. No brake light at all. So pulled out the VOM and tested, again no voltage at the brake lights to the connector at the back end.

So following the service manual, I pulled the TIPM and flipped it upside down. While still connected to power but with ignition off, disconnect C3 connector and test for > 5 ohms resistance at L55. Only got 2 ohms. Instructions say go to step 4. Step 4, measure at L55 for >+10VDC. I get zero, as in nada volts DC at L55. So instructions at that point say, and I quote:

Originally Posted by 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible Service Manual
>> Replace the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) in accordance with the service information. Perform the BODY VERIFCATION TEST - VER 1. (Refer to 8 - ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC CONTROL MODULES - STANDARD PROCEDURE)
So what I'm asking to you experts out there - can someone confirm for me which pin is L55 so that I make sure I'm testing at the appropriate location? And has anyone ever replaced their TIPM and how did that go? Lastly, what the heck is the BODY VERIFICATION TEST???

Yes, I'm without answers this time! lmao... going tomorrow afternoon to the dealership to see if I can borrow a TIPM for about a 5 minute test to confirm if mine is really bad. That thing is A TOTAL PITA TO PULL!!!!!!!

Info from my TIPM: P/N = P56049714AK, module S/N T41QH0396102V1. Now I'm a bit frustrated with this as the '06 Parts Catalog lists the part number as 56049714AH, as does the '07 catalog, the '08 catalog is same but ends AP. So wondering if maybe the parts catalog is incorrect or I've got a bogus one installed. However, AK sounds to me like a later version than AH, so maybe I shouldn't complain?? Shows manufacturing date of October 2005, so who knows....

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Old 24 Jun 2011, 07:17 pm
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Default Re: Any TIPM experts out there?


Can't help with the TIPM but did you check the brake light switch? Make sure it's making contact when you hit the brake pedal. That the plunger on the switch is going in and out with the workings of the brake pedal?
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Old 25 Jun 2011, 11:30 pm
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Default Re: Any TIPM experts out there?

Hmmmm... for a minute there you had me feeling like a complete and total tard. However, the switch must be working as the rear cyclops brake light works fine. If it's triggering when the pedal is pushed then I'm assuming the brake switch is working.

However.... I'm going to pull it and check it out.... good advice....
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Old 26 Jun 2011, 09:21 am
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Default Re: Any TIPM experts out there?

3rd brake light comes from the cluster and the other two from the tipm so it could be your brake switch or your fuse.
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