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What am I missing?

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Old 04 Aug 2011, 09:12 am
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Angry What am I missing?

First off, I want to thank the countless number of people who have posted for the priceless amount of information I been able to obtain from them.
I have a 2007 Pt Cruiser Base model with 72000 miles on it. I bought it used with 8000 miles on it. I had warranty until 36000 miles. At 11000 miles I had the wheel bearings replaced by the dealer. I then had no issues until of course 37100 miles when I started to experience some rough idle issues and hesitation. I changed the plugs and wires and everything was fine for the next 25000 miles or so when I started to get some real bad hesitation and idle issues. I changed the plugs and wires again, but this time I had no change what so ever. It may have even been worse. I took the car in and was told that I had a bent valve...At 60000 and change I had a bent valve!
Around a $1000 later my car was like new again. The very next week I was driving down the road (crappy dirt road) and all of the sudden I get this really loud rattle and clunk in the front end...Strut was shot! I just went ahead and replaced both sides with a new quickstrut assembly. Problem solved there. I also replaced the sway bar linkage as that was pretty much gone too.
NOW...Heres where things get real crazy...At around 70000 miles I am turning from a side street onto a main road and hit a huge pot hole as I am turning right and taking off and I hear a loud BANG and then car is loud as hell when I give it gas. I had totally ripped out the upper engine mount bolts which were obviously weak to begin with. After a day of investigation I find that both the upper and lower mounts were pretty much gone. I had the upper mount bolt holes re-tapped and replaced both upper and lower mounts. There was then no noise or vibration during idle or low speeds and the engine seemed to be as stable as it was going to be in those cheap ass rubber mounts, but when I give it any gas I would get a rummble or growl from the right side with the vibration coming through the floor boards and gas pedal. Only when I give it gas would it do this. I took it back into the shop and they tell me that it is the middle mount I am sure most of you know what a pain that is to replace. So after 2 days of moving the engine in the most impossible positions and removing brackets and hoses and a number of other steps I am not going to list I get the mount out and back in and put all of it back together. Still no change in the problem when I accellerate.
The noise seems to be directly related to the right side when the car is in gear and when I am giving it any throttle. I can give it as much trottle as I want when its parked and ther is no noise or vibration.. the engine isnt shifting back and forth any more than usual, everything is normal. I notice that when the car shifts and there is a moment of little to no torque the noise is pretty much gone for like a half a second. Or if Im driving down the road and go over a dip in the road the noise seems to go away as the car dips with the road. I have inspected the wheel bearings and tie rods and all is solid there.
The only othe thing I can think of is the cv axle. Maybe it was damaged when I was changing the engine mounts? I have investigated the whole cv axle and there are no rips in the boots and no grease seems to be coming out so I didnt want to take them off and possibly damage somthing that is fine. I put the car on stands and put the car in gear to watch the cv axle and everything seems just fine... I have no issues with clicking while turning or any of the common cv problems. I have read that sometimes if the inner boot or components are damaged that it can cause an unwanted vibration that can carry through to other parts of the car. I can move the axle (inner passenger side) somewhat by grabbing it and it will "jiggle" a little back and forth, but isnt that normal? Also I can move the wheels about 3-5 inches back and forth before they "engage" and begin to turn each other... is that normal?
As you can see this pt cruiser has become my stalemate!
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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acceleration, cv axle, engine mount, rummble, vibration

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