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Fuel Filter Concerns

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Old 17 Aug 2011, 09:07 pm
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Default Fuel Filter Concerns

Im having problems with my 2006 PT Cruiser. I Thought... there was a hole in the gas tank because everytime i put more than a half a gallon of gas in it. by the time i got home from the gas station ( about 7 miles ) i would be around a quarter of a tank...

I just read on here after googgling my problem. that if you run the car with low gas its bad because the filter and pump are located in the tank twords the bottom and are also cooled by the gas. scince i done have alot of money

is there ANYTHING i can do to Check, fix this problem.

or can anyone assist me in anything involved with this problem.

i dont know if this may be causing it, i dont think it could be that bad, but i need to change the oil pretty bad wich im going to be doing tomorrow.

like i said tho any help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED
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Old 17 Aug 2011, 09:41 pm
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Default Re: Fuel Filter Concerns

The filter and pump assembly are a total PITA to get to. Only way I know of is to drop the tank, but maybe someone else here has a better idea.
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Old 17 Aug 2011, 09:43 pm
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Default Re: Fuel Filter Concerns

Yep, drop the tank is the only way.

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Old 17 Aug 2011, 09:45 pm
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Default Re: Fuel Filter Concerns

Question - how is your engine running? Reason I ask is I was searching for some info on your problem and found another person (not PT) who had similar problem, he had some kind of oil or something in his fuel tank that messed with the float level indicator. Had to completely drain his tank and after that the problem never came back. His engine was running very rough, which led t finding this problem.
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Old 17 Aug 2011, 10:34 pm
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Default Re: Fuel Filter Concerns

Update: It Isnt using that much gas between those 7 miles of the gas station and home. i was mistaken in saying that. But If i leave the car sitting overnight it seems to drop to a quarter of a tank overnight? i thought i had a hole, maybe i hit something. but i jacked the car up over my head on a floor jack and i couldnt seem to find anything.

tonight i just filled it up to a half a tank, a little over and ive put cardboard boxes underneath it, so if it leaks out overnight ill be able to tell.

in reply to one of your questions, the car runs fine most of the time. it used to get good gas mileage and it never gave me any problems before what im about to explain. it dosent use much oil.

the only other problem ive had. is that one day my dad went to somerset wich is a town away from where we live, he spent about 30-40 minutes in the probation office and came out to a car that had enough power to for the radio to turn on when he turned the key over,( witch he shut off immediately ) .. the gauges all came up and the ding went off when he flashed the lights for a seccond. needless to say it had power.

my aunt gf and myself went and put it on the jumper cables for no less than a minute. i turned it over and it started. and we drove it home ASAP. on the way about.. 5 miles from where we started it died in the middle of the road and all the gauges dropped. i pulled over, turned the key back. tried to start it and it fired right up. ...

this happend on annother occasion when i was at the lake and left the hatch open with the radio playing. again we put it on the charger for about a minute and it turned right over. although on both occasions i thought it was weird that when you tried to start it, it didnt seem like the battery was dead. and the gauges would like flicker when you tried to turn it over. we havent had that probelm since.

the only other problem is the 189$ key !! WTF is up with that....
do you guys know any way around that?

Thank you ahead of time.

Does it sound like i need to replace the fuel pump / filter. or could it just be an oil change / spark plug change problem?

IF it dosent turn out that tomorrow i find out i actually do have a hole..
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Old 18 Aug 2011, 11:42 am
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Default Re: Fuel Filter Concerns

It's highly unlikely you have any sort of problem with the fuel system... a hole in the tank or something like that would leave an obvious mark on the ground and eventually trigger an evap code as fresh air was allowed in the tank. Damage to the fuel line from the tank to the engine would result in a mess as fuel at 40psi (+/-) went everywhere. More likely, you have a goofy fuel gauge.

And that leads to a possible solution to your other issue of the car dying randomly: Bad grounds. That would cause a car not to start, to die, and a fuel gauge to act strange. Check your battery, check your grounds. Start there for sure.

As for the key, I'd call a locksmith. Most modern locksmiths can handle transponder keys since so many cars have them. I had a new key cut and two brand new remotes programmed (car came with none) by a local locksmith for $200, and they even came to my house to do it. Much cheaper than the dealer, who wanted $150 for the key and $90 for each remote.

Edit: Unless you have incredibly high mileage on your car, the fuel pump is not likely to be the problem. The design of the fuel system in the PT is consistent with a lot of modern cars - the fuel pump should last an easy 100,000 miles, probably double that. Unless, maybe, you spend a ton of time sitting in traffic. You can certainly test the pump with a fuel pressure gauge and a large fuel-proof container to check volume. Any shop can do that.

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Old 18 Aug 2011, 12:09 pm
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Default Re: Fuel Filter Concerns

I'm not clear on what your issue is.
I can't tell if you're using that much fuel, or gauge is reading incorrectly

Agree with Guy, there's nothing wrong with your Fuel pump.
The fuel pump sits in a reservoir, only people that haven't removed one
would say running tank low would harm it; the only time it's dry is when it's
out of gas!

It sounds like you have other issues- I thought there was a re-learn
procedure for keys, but this may only be GM's.
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chrysler, fuel pump/filter, pt cruiser

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