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Please Help, 2005 Pt wont start

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Old 29 Aug 2011, 07:23 am
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Default Please Help, 2005 Pt wont start

Hello, everyone. So, here's the complete story. I drove my 2005 pt touring edition non-turbo home, on the way I heard a clicking noise in the dash. Other than that, a normal drive.. Made it home safely and parked the car. Went out about 8 hours later and it would not start. It cranks, but doesn't start. We poured gas directly in and the engine started. Assuming it was the fuel pump, we replaced it. The engine still would not start. We checked the timing belt and it appears to be spinning when the engine is cranking.. The codes we are getting are P0522 and P0462. These are both sensor codes. Is it likely that both sensors went out at the same time? I read something about a bad dash instrument cluster, could this be a possibility?

Here's some additional info that may help: When I turn the key to the on position, I can hear about a 2 second hum. The oil, fuel, temperature and engine light come on, the fuel gauge goes to Full. Then the fuel gauge goes to empty, and the engine light flashes and then stays on, the oil light stays on and the low fuel light stays on. There is approx. 8 gallons of gas in the tank. There is no alarm system or additional aftermarket euipment. We did try a battery disconnect and the codes are still there.
The readings from the odometer are: 554666, FL0007, EE 18, bL 01. The speedometer pegs, the tachometer goes to 6 (red line), the gas and temperature also go to max position.

Any insight or information on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much

I should also add that the codes (P0522 and P0462) did not come up until after we done the battery disconnect. Before, it just said "done".

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Old 29 Aug 2011, 08:27 am
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Default Re: Please Help, 2005 Pt wont start

You said when you poured gas directly in the engine it started. Does it still start when you do that?

You didn't mention that you had any fuel gauge problems before you put in the the fuel pump so I would guess the fuel pump is clocked wrong or it is faulty. Did you use a factory pump or an aftermarket one?

Make sure to check the fuse for the fuel pump also. The old fuel pump could of popped it. This wouldn't cause the fuel sending unit problem however.

I'm not sure about your other cluster problems. You might want to check your battery. Crazy things start happening when battery voltage goes low.

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Old 29 Aug 2011, 10:03 am
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Default Re: Please Help, 2005 Pt wont start

i would sugest doing a fuel presure test at the fuel rail that way you know for sure that
1 you DO have fuel
2 you do NOt have fuel

after that im not sure what to say but then you will knwo what you have
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Old 29 Aug 2011, 10:50 am
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Default Re: Please Help, 2005 Pt wont start

How many miles & what year? When a timing belt gets old, it may "jump" a tooth - if the timing belt does, spark and fuel delivery get screwed up and it may not start.
Check fuel pump fuse first!
I second the comment about low battery - the PT goes wacky with a low battery.
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Old 30 Oct 2011, 01:03 am
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Default Re: Please Help, 2005 Pt wont start

My car is finally running again! I just wanted to post a follow-up, incase this info would help someone in the future.
The problem... broken and frayed wires at the top of the gas tank, leading to the fuel pump. The pump was not running because it was not getting power, so no start! After a splicing job, the car is running perfectly now.
Thanks for all your info and input! Sincerely appreciated!

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