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Ground wire and cam position sensor problems

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Old 04 Nov 2011, 09:39 pm
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Unhappy Ground wire and cam position sensor problems

Problems: Car won't start, then gets jumped then sometimes would either have to get jumped or would just start after several minutes.

Dashboard flickers sometimes while driving.

Cam shaft sensor has been replaced once already about 6 months ago, same as the battery.

Car wouldn't start last night, she got it jumped, drove off, car died again. Got it into a parking lot and after 20 minutes it just started right up. Drove it around in the morning and didn't have any problems.

Took to get scanned. P0340 was the only code.

What I've done/found so far:

Negative terminal on battery was extremely corroded. Took it off cleaned it. Put it back on and broke the carriage bolt. Examined carriage bolt found that it was almost completely corroded all the way through in the center.

Went to Home Depot couldn't find a match and used a quarter inch bolt, and tightend the crap out of it.

Can you over tighten battery terminals?

Next, had to deal with the hood cable. WD40 and several tugs and opening and closing the hood later, got that fixed (again).

Checked the chassis ground right by the battery. Looks ok.
Should I clean it anyways?

Next, check the 3rd party remote starter. On/off switch was shot, cut it off and twisted the wires together for now. Also tried to find any grounds underneathe by the inside fuse box. It's spaghetti in there so I moved on.

Next, checked the camshaft position sensor (tapped it with a screwdriver with the car running as pointed out in another thread, nothing happened). Looked to see if there was oil on it (pointed out in another thread) it didn't looked like oil was on it other than the normal gunk engines seem to get on themselves. Left it alone for now.

Checked the wiring to the sensor. Where it ties into the larger part of the loom, the larger part is rubbing against hose of somekind. The loom is somewhat melted, but not through the plastic corrugated stuff. Left that alone for now.

I was on a major time crunch before work, so I devoted what time I could.

Tomorrow: checking ground straps by the struts.
Checking the ground strap to the hood.
Pulling and checking all fuses to make sure they aren't corroded.


Where can I find a list of locations for all those grounding wires that I keep reading this car has? Is getting the Alldata for this car worth it for that?

Thoughts as to what would cause the negative to corrode so bad?

Did the camshaft sensor cause the battery terminal and car not starting OR did the car not starting and battery corrosion cause the camshaft sensor to go bad?

Thanks a bunch for any help. Hopefully, I've shown I can do my due diligence


PS- Thank you to whoever posted the step by step watts link tutorial. That's coming up in a few weeks.
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Old 04 Nov 2011, 09:55 pm
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Default Re: Ground wire and cam position sensor problems

Did you use a OEM sensor from the dealer?
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Old 04 Nov 2011, 10:04 pm
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Default Re: Ground wire and cam position sensor problems

Ack, knew I was forgetting something.

No, it wasn't OEM.
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Old 04 Nov 2011, 10:27 pm
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Default Re: Ground wire and cam position sensor problems

Just try one from the dealer...aftermarket sensors don't last
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